Kids, Can You Say Samhain? That’s Okay. No One Can.

It’s October, everybody! Best month of the year.

That beautiful, autumn season where you hope the pumpkins don't eat YOU.

To commemorate this Halloween season, I will begin with a horror movie related poll.

A few notes about this one:

I listed each franchise by the first movie that appeared, but please don’t forget you’re voting for your favorite series as a whole, not just one movie. A vote for Night of the Living Dead is really supposed to be a vote for all of George A. Romero’s “Dead” movies.

For the purposes of this poll, the series/franchise had to have at least three films to qualify. So, sorry, 28 Days Later. Maybe next year.

And as always, some tough decisions had to be made and your favorite horror movie series or franchise may have been left out. For instance, if the Leprechaun series is your absolute favorite (and who could blame you if it was? Leprechaun: Back 2 Tha Hood is probably terrifying on multiple levels) well, I’m afraid you’re just shit out of luck. Sorry about that. Pick your favorite of what’s available instead.

Poll will be up for one week. I will post results on October 10th.

8 thoughts on “Kids, Can You Say Samhain? That’s Okay. No One Can.

  1. Still need to see Seed of Chucky, but if it’s anything like Bride I might have considered that series a contender (though I believe movies 2 and 3 are still supposed to be pretty awful).

    I picked Evil Dead. Bit of a cheat since Evil Dead 2 is basically a remake of Evil Dead, but what the heck (besides, I view “Drag Me To Hell” as part of the same series). Evil Dead 2 and 3 are some of my favourite horror comedies of all time, so it has to be the franchise I’m most fond of out of that list.

      • If 28 Months Later does happen, I’ll probably watch it. I really didn’t think I was going to like 28 Weeks Later, and I was surprised by just how good it really was. I’m trying to be hopeful for the third movie. I just want them to follow the sequel’s example and leave the characters from the original alone. If they try to ruin 28 Days Later for me, I will rant incessantly and work myself up into a glorious pout with huge amounts of chocolate at my side. Nobody (including my hips) want that.

      • I’d watch it too, especially if it involved Danny Boyle, Alex Garland, or the bloke who wrote and directed 28 Weeks Later, whose name I have now forgotten. I really liked that one too, it was excellently chaotic.

        It’ll be so much easier to make the third one if they don’t have to get any cast members to come back for it. And yeah, I will be seriously annoyed if they bring back old characters and then sucks. I saw The Descent: Part 2 about a month ago and I’m still pissed at what it did to Juno and Sarah. Especially since it retconned the last five minutes of the original movie.

    • I want to see 28 Years Later from the point of view of a character who was younger than 28 and doesn’t remember anything before the whole rage virus thing began. It’s not a totally new concept or anything, but I’d like to see it done well.

  2. Evil Dead, hands down. Although I confess I may have mentally included a few more of Bruce Campbell’s movies when thinking about that….

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