Do You Like Scary Movies?

Last week, I asked what your favorite horror movie franchise was. Survey says . . .

The Scream movies!

Earlier this year, I asked who your favorite horror movie villain was, and Michael Myers won with a very narrow margin over Freddy Krueger. So I thought there was more than a decent chance that either the Halloween movies or the Friday the 13th films would take this one, but no such luck—Friday the 13th took a distant third place and Halloween only managed to get a couple of votes.  I guess a horror movie series is not just as strong as its blade-wielding psychopath.

Second place turned out to be a tie between Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead movies and George A. Romero’s, er, just Dead movies.  I was also actually surprised to see the Final Destination series scored itself a vote. I really like the first movie—it was a little different than anything else out there at the time—but the rest of the series just seemed like fairly generic, boring copies to me.

The big losers of the night? The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Hellraiser, Saw, and the Friday the 13th movies. Oh, my beloved Friday the 13th.

Don’t cry, Jason. I still love you.

2 thoughts on “Do You Like Scary Movies?

  1. But as far as I’ve heard, Scream never became downright bad – the sequels are more or less okay. With most of the others on that list, the first movie is regarded as really fantastic and then the sequels and remakes range from “pretty decent,” to “piece of fucking hippo shite.” So I suppose Scream has a better reputation as a franchise in that regard.

    I was surprised the Evil Dead franchise and Romero’s movies didn’t get more votes for that reason. All three Evil Dead movies get love, particularly the latter two, and both Night and Dawn are horror classics, and I may be biased here because it’s my favourite of the trilogy, but Day is still seen as a good movie, I think? Just not as good as the first two.

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