Coming Soon-Ish: Sex Addicts, Shakespeare, Little People, and A Whole Lot of Stephen King . . .

The Devil Inside:

This could be interesting . . . Maria certainly seems creepy enough . . . but exorcism movies aren’t usually my thing, and I’m very, very tired of marketing that begins with statements like, “This is the actual 911 call” or “This is a true story,” especially when it quite plainly is not. It’s been, like, twelve years since The Blair Witch Project, people. Time to move on.

The Stand

There are plans to make this novel into an actual movie or series of movies. That’s not exactly news, really, but who are they currently thinking about directing it?

This guy.

I’ve never actually seen any of Ben Affleck’s films—not the ones he’s directed, anyway—so I can’t have much of an opinion on if the dude’s qualified or not. I am concerned by the idea of anyone trying to condense this story into one movie. I’m hoping for a trilogy, personally. That could be interesting. (And look! I already made casting decisions months ago!)

And in more Stephen King news . . .

The Dark Tower

First, The Dark Tower was going to happen as a part television, part film series extravaganza. Then, The Dark Tower was declared dead in the water.

Now, it looks like The Dark Tower is at least partially alive . . . on TV, at least. While no movies are currently being planned, Stephen King’s epically weird series is coming to HBO. I’m still not entirely certain how this will play out—some stories simply aren’t meant to be adapted into film—but despite my misgivings, I can’t help but be curious.

Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol

I posted the teaser trailer for this movie a while ago, but here is a full length one that looks kind of fun, although I feel the need to warn the extreme spoilerphobes that there’s one bit I was surprised they put into the trailer. Sadly, there’s still not a whole lot of Josh Holloway in here, but thankfully we get some more Jeremy Renner and Simon Pegg to make up for the lack of Sawyer.


This is a big indie darling right now. I’ve heard nothing nothing but praise for Michael Fassbender as a sex addict. (Well, I don’t know who, exactly, would protest that casting.) The movie’s also notable for having an NC-17 rating. Meaning it’s probably not something I’ll be watching with the folks.

I am troubled by one tiny thing, though. Carey Mulligan and Michael Fassbender play siblings in this movie. Sometimes, it can be hard to tell in trailers, but Mulligan appears to be going for an American accent, while Fassbender doesn’t seem to be trying for anything at all. He’s not, right? That’s not in any way an attempt at an American accent?

God, I hope not.

Much Ado About Nothing

Joss Whedon’s got a weird definition of taking a vacation. After filming The Avengers, Whedon apparently filmed a new, black and white, noir-comedy version of Much Ado About Nothing . . . secretly. He filmed it SECRETLY. I love both Joss Whedon and Much Ado About Nothing, so naturally, I’m ecstatic. If you also like Joss Whedon, you might very well recognize this cast:

Alexis Denisof: Benedick
Amy Acker: Beatrice
Fran Kranz: Claudio
Reed Diamond: Don Pedro
Sean Maher: Don John
Clark Gregg: Leonato
Nathan Fillion: Dogberry. Of COURSE, he will play Dogberry.

Hee. This I have to see.

And finally . . .

The Secret World of Arietty

I can’t help it. This one looks cute.

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