Brains, BRAAAAAAINS . . .

There are too many damn zombie films. So I made a list of zombie comedies for you to choose from.

. . . there are too many damn zombie comedies, too.

Now, as may be readily apparent, I have decided to go with a very broad definition of the word “zombie” for the purposes of this poll. Maybe you love The Evil Dead, but you don’t consider it to be a real zombie film, so you can’t, in good conscience, choose it. Maybe you don’t really consider The Evil Dead to be a zombie film, but you absolutely love the movie, so to hell with it, you’re picking it anyway. Maybe you do consider The Evil Dead to be a zombie movie, but seriously, fuck The Evil Dead when Re-Animator is on the list. Your justifications, as always, are entirely up to you.

The poll will be open for one week. I’ll post results on November 7th.

7 thoughts on “Brains, BRAAAAAAINS . . .

  1. Despite my intense like of Bruce Campbell… I have to go with Shaun of the Dead. Although.. damn you once again for making me choose.

    (Incidentally – I watched “My Name is Bruce” last night. It made me chuckle.)

  2. Wow, that is a VERY TOUGH choice between Re-Animator and Return of the Living Dead. I laughed my ass off during both movies. But Re-Animator gets the prize for trying harder to be a serious horror movie and failing completely.

  3. So, I have to admit, I haven’t seen about half of these. But for me, it came down to Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland… and I picked Zombieland. Primarily because they killed Bill Murray, which was hilarious (“Do you have any regrets?” … “Gar… field…” *croak*). Also, I have a minor girl crush on Emma Stone that slightly tips the balance away from the British cricket-bat weapon comedy.

    Plus, Zombieland helped me freak out the two Chinese businessmen I was stuck sitting between on my way back from Shanghai. Seeing their gasps and quick look-aways from my ipad screen in disgust added something extra. It made up for the fact that they shared dried fish between the two of them and dropped some in my lap.

    Side note: food with strong odor should not be allowed in such tight and uncomfortable spaces as a 14-hour plane ride…

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