Coming Soon-Ish: Vampires, Evil Numbers, and The Dumb, Guy Version of Never Been Kissed . . .


This trailer doesn’t tell you much in the way of plot, but I don’t even care. I’m so into seeing this movie. The visuals are stunning. We need more animated zombie films.

ParaNorman comes from the people who made Coraline, and while I was probably one of the four people in the entire world who didn’t like Coraline, I’m still excited about this. I expect that not knowing anything about the original source material—or if there even is original source material—will help me enjoy this film more.

The Innkeepers

Ghost stories seem in lately. This has to be the third or fourth trailer for a ghost story that I’ve posted in the last few months. It’s also probably my least favorite so far, although the trailer itself is decent enough. I think I’m just a little bored of all the EMF, ghost hunters type stuff . . . but who knows? This could end up being good.

And ohmygod, the old woman is Kelly McGillis? Wow, I’m starting to feel old.

21 Jump Street

And speaking of 80’s flashbacks . . .

This, um. This looks terrible. I can’t compare it to the original 21 Jump Street since I’ve never actually seen that, but while I freely admit to chuckling at Jonah Hill getting hit by a car . . . yeah, I can’t imagine a world where I would see this movie of my own free will.


I’m pretty ambivalent towards the Underworld series. There’s something about Kate Beckinsale that kind of bugs me, but the first movie’s enjoyable enough. I barely even remember the second one, though, and I never bothered to watch Rise of the Lycans at all. This one . . . I could see it, I guess, but I’m not exactly excited about it. At one point, Selene yells, “Where’s Michael?” and I’m like, Dude, that’s exactly what I was wondering.

I did notice Sardo Numsie in there, though, and that made me happy.

Finally . . .


Ah. Another evil number movie.

I bet you each a quarter that this one completely sucks.

3 thoughts on “Coming Soon-Ish: Vampires, Evil Numbers, and The Dumb, Guy Version of Never Been Kissed . . .

  1. Yes, Paranormal looks great.

    Watching “The Innkeepers” trailer I was mostly like “meh, ghost films are not for me” and then when they were trying to prove that there was a ghost to get more visitors I was like “what?”, but then it said “from the director of House of the Devil” and now I’m sold. I loved that movie….

    … That said, now I come to look at Ti West’s imdb page, he’s actually done a lot of films aside from “House Of The Devil” that haven’t been so great, so perhaps I’ll give it a miss after all…

    … oooh then again, Rotten Tomatoes has much higher ratings for his work. I’m so conflicted!

    Wait so that 21 Jump Street movie is based on a previous film that they actually thought was worth remaking? How is that even possible?

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