Sorry, Achilles Is Not An Option . . .

Every actor is going to have some failed projects under his belt. Even actors that you adore will make a few missteps here or there.

Morgan Freeman's eyebrows: the most impressive thing about Dreamcatcher.

People make mistakes. These things happen.

But some actors seem to be a little more “hit or miss” than others, and Brad Pitt, in my opinion, is one of these actors. Some people will undoubtedly argue that he has absolutely no talent at all, but I honestly like a lot of Pitt’s movies, and I think he does a good job with several of his roles.

And then you see things like Troy.

And you shudder in abject horror.

So, here’s the poll for you today:

As always, the poll will be up for one week. I’ll post the results November 14th.

15 thoughts on “Sorry, Achilles Is Not An Option . . .

  1. Jeffrey Goines may not actually be his best acting, but goddamn it’s the most scenery-chewing fun he’s ever been to see.

    In his defense, I think he was better than the rest of the movie in Troy… Just an extremely poor choice in roles… But I suspect that it was the kind of movie (like, say, the first Harry Potter movie), where you don’t really know up front whether it was going to be spectacularly terrible, or turn out to be a truly awesome role that you wish for the rest of your life you had not turned down…

  2. Oh crap oh crap I thought we were voting for worst movie can you please remove one for Benjamin button? Ive never walked out of a movie but damn did I come close after the first 8 hours of that one. I’ll revote, promise.

    Ps-dear bb fans. I respect your opinion, please don’t spend 80 bazillion words trying to convince me that I missed the absolute genius of the movie. Maybe I’m a bad person for hating it but I simply don’t care 🙂

    • I don’t know if I can actually alter the results on Poll Daddy, but I’ll keep it in my mind for Monday when I tally stuff up.

      I’ve never walked out of the theater either, but the closest I ever came to it was for Darkness. It was a really crappy horror movie with just the worst audience ever. I think I was ready to beat people with their cell phones.

      • I never got why Darkness is so hated. It wasn’t good, and the twist about the villain was completely ridiculous, but I would’ve thought it’d get something about 35% on Rotten Tomatoes, instead of 4%.

        • It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Darkness. The thing is, I’d have to watch it again to confirm how much of my bad experience was directly related to the movie itself, and how much was because of the audience of jackass imps I was with . . . but I gotta tell you, my interest in doing that is pretty low 🙂

      • Hmmm odd reply system…

        Teacups, the RT system doesn’t score films based on how much reviewers like them, but how many reviewers like them. If every single reviewer thinks a movie is marginally rubbish, it’ll still get 0%. Getting 4% doesn’t mean that reviewers all hated it, but rather that only 4% of reviewers were prepared to say they liked it.

        I must admit, I often forget this too when I’m looking at that website.

  3. Also his role in Thelma & Louise was small, but that was the movie where audible gasping was heard throughout the theatre when he stepped on screen…that’s a big one.

  4. No option for Interview with the Vampire? Ah, well… Fight Club for me, then. I did love him in Se7en, though it seemed less like acting, sadly.

  5. Really hard to say, because a lot of these roles are SO different. That’s what I like about Brad Pitt, as a matter of fact–he has no ‘type.’ Which is probably why his roles tend to be “hit or miss,” as you said.

    Given the choices here, and the ones I’ve actually seen, I’m going with Fight Club. Although I also want to see Interview With the Vampire up there. (Not his best role, I’ll admit, but one of my favorites.)

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