The Funniest Undead Brain Muncher Movie . . .

Well, this one was no contest. Your very favorite zombie comedy of all time is . . .

Shaun of the Dead won with nearly 50% of the vote, impressive considering how many nominees were on the ballot. A very distant second place goes to Zombieland, which sadly only managed to score a total of three votes. Third place is a tie between Army of Darkness and Re-Animator, while Very Last Place goes to several films: Bio-Zombie, Dance of the Dead, Black Sheep, Fido, Dead and Breakfast, Dead Snow, and Evil Dead. These films received no votes at all, which isn’t so surprising, really: most of them are not as well known, and anyway, it’s hard to compete with the awesome juggernaut that is Shaun of the Dead.

I’m honestly not sure what I would have picked, if I’d had been forced to choose, so maybe lucky for me that I didn’t. There are just too many funny movies about undead brain munchers.

I wonder if that says something about our culture? Eh. Too lazy to come up with a proper thesis.

One thought on “The Funniest Undead Brain Muncher Movie . . .

  1. I’m surprised that the first two slots went to films that aren’t actually particularly funny.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Shaun of the Dead and I also really liked that one scene in Zombieland. But as far as horror comedies go, Shaun of the Dead is much more interested in references to elements in other movies than in its own jokes. Edgar Wright clearly learnt a lot from making it though, because Hot Fuzz had me in stitches.

    I’m inclined to presume that these were the top two because more people had seen them rather than because they were better. Clearly more people need to see Return of the Living Dead, though I’d have been happy to see any of those in third place win the title. 🙂

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