Ho Ho Ho . . .

It’s December now, so I think we all know what we’re legally required to talk about: Christmas movies.

Santa is watching you . . .

The original plan was to make up a poll about favorite Christmas movies. Then I googled “favorite Christmas movies” and ended up with about 25 different nominees.

I decided I had to rethink this a bit.

If you don’t see your favorite Christmas movie on this poll, it is because of one of three reasons:

1. It will show up in next week’s poll about favorite non-traditional Christmas movies.

2. I selected an alternate version of the same story. (For example, even though I have three different versions of A Christmas Carol on this list, there are still about, oh, 87 other ones to choose from.)

3. I don’t like you. And neither does your momma.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

5 thoughts on “Ho Ho Ho . . .

  1. More seriously, I am absolutely SHOCKED that I’m only one of two people to vote for “It’s A Wonderful Life” so far. Not only is it the best Christmas movie anyway, but it’s one of the best black and white films of all time.

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