Coming Soonish: Wolves, Germans, and Punching Guy Pearce in the Face. A Lot.

Cabin In The Woods

I’ve been excited about this horror movie for over two years now, even though I knew very little about it other than the director, writer, and cast. Still, Joss Whedon, Drew Goddard, Richard Jenkins, Bradley Whitford, Chris Hemsworth, Fran Kranz, Jesse Williams, and Amy Acker were more than enough to get me excited.

Now that I’ve actually seen the trailer . . . I’m very intrigued. Not sure what to make of it, exactly, but intrigued nonetheless. I can’t wait till this comes out.

The Grey

This might end up being an awesomely epic movie . . . I’ll admit to liking the makeshift broken bottle gloves . . . but there’s something about this trailer that I just don’t connect with. I feel like I should. I’m intrigued by at least the concept of survivalism movies (although, to be fair, this is usually in connection to zombie apocalypses), but my instinctive assessment after watching this trailer was, Grieving Liam Neeson battles the elements. Also wolves. Pass.

The Invisible War

Well, this looks like it will be . . . hideously controversial.

I don’t watch a lot of documentaries. I know I should watch more, but my interest is almost never there. Frankly, some are just so depressing that it’s hard to find the motivation. Other ones will piss me off for being ridiculously one-sided. I . . . might try this one, at some point, but I’ll be honest: it probably won’t be anytime soon.

Into The White

For those of you wondering what Ron Weasley will be appearing in post Harry Potter. This movie certainly doesn’t look like the kind of thing I’d usually be into, but I’m kind of intrigued despite myself. I have a certain amount of interest in throwing five strangers and/or enemies in a room and seeing how everything quickly all goes to hell. Admittedly, between the German dialogue and the heavy accents, I couldn’t actually understand half the trailer, but I think this one could be a rental, regardless.

And finally . . . Lockout

This just . . . this just looks awesome.

And that is all.

One thought on “Coming Soonish: Wolves, Germans, and Punching Guy Pearce in the Face. A Lot.

  1. “Cabin In The Woods” looks crazy. Oddly I find myself thinking that it looks a bit like Resident Evil OUGHT to have been. A typical horror scenario (haunted house, cabin in woods) which turns out to have a scientific facility of some kind behind it.

    The idea of blending typical horror themes with sci-fi appeals to me a lot. I hope they do a good job with this.

    “Lock-Out” doesn’t look at all impressive asides from the main bit i.e. Guy Pearce being interrogated. It’s odd, because the trailer has clearly decided that they need to jazz up the interrogation scene with various shots of explosions and space battles, but while Guy Pearce’s charisma reels me in, the rest has me thinking “typical episode of BSG”.

    “The Gray” looks dull dull dull. So Liam Neeson is up against snow and wolves. So what? What’s at stake and why should I care? His life is at risk? Hardly. It’s Liam Neeson. Why should I be emotionally invested in this? Because his wife died in the plane crash? Oh ffs, give me a break….

    “Invisible War” looks really interesting, but also horrible….

    “Into The White” trailer has been taken down. I’ll have to get back to you on that one.

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