Now, For Those OTHER Christmas Movies . . .

I love Christmas, always have, but we didn’t really do traditional X-mas films when I was growing up. We watched, well, alternative choices.

A few of these films could arguably have been placed on last week’s poll as well, but I was searching for a certain balance in both numbers and tone. And then, there’s the problem with traditions, Christmas or otherwise—what is sacred to you is stupid to someone else, and what you do or sing or watch every year might be dismissed by others as being silly or unimportant. You ridicule my L-E-O-N candle holders (as opposed to N-O-E-L)? Well, I ridicule your egg nog. Seriously, I don’t even get egg nog. That shit’s nasty.

As always, voting lasts one week. Results will be posted on 12/19.

4 thoughts on “Now, For Those OTHER Christmas Movies . . .

  1. My favourite Christmas movie is actually Millions, but out of these ones it’d be The Nightmare Before Christmas. And after that, Silent Night Deadly Night 2, although that wasn’t an option either.

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