Just In Case The Mayans Were Wrong . . .

Well, it’s almost the New Year. Assuming that the world doesn’t end and all, there are a LOT of movies coming out in 2012.

All of these movies are currently scheduled to be released sometime in 2012. Whether they will actually be released in 2012 is less certain, but I tried not to pick anything too risky (ie, pre-production). Which is why you won’t be seeing Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained on this poll. I’m pretty much legally obligated to see every new Tarantino movie in theater, just like the rest of the world, but I wanted the nominees to have at least started filming.

Voting will be up one week, per usual. Your results will be posted January 2nd. Watch out, as well, for some serious geek fantasy fighting.

The 2nd Annual Geek Battle of Blood is on its way . . .

6 thoughts on “Just In Case The Mayans Were Wrong . . .

  1. So hard to choose between The Avengers and Skyfall, but since I’ve been bugging my family with updates on the continuing production problems of Skyfall for the last two years, I had to go with that.

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