Coming Soon-Ish: Aliens, Jumpers, and Gravity Challenged Love Affairs . . .


I’m going to see this movie. I don’t know how much I’m going to like it, exactly—on one hand, Ridley Scott is not a big draw for me, not when I had serious issues with the first Alien film; on the other hand, this is an awesome cast and a pretty awesome teaser, besides. But one thing’s for sure: I will see this movie. (And hope that my beloved Michael Fassbender does not get eaten, or at the very least, does not get eaten too early in the film.)

This Means War

See, I’d have no interest in this—I can be picky about my romantic comedies, since so many of them completely and totally suck—but, well. Michael Fassbender isn’t my only beloved. It’s true. I’m a little crush-jumping harlot, and Chris Pine and Tom Hardy have both been on The List. (Tom Hardy is very high on the list, currently.)

There are a couple parts in this trailer that made me smile, a little, but I expect that if I ever do actually watch this movie, I’ll spend most of it wishing that Pine and Hardy ditched Reese Witherspoon and just decided to hook up, themselves.

Man on a Ledge

I think Jamie Bell is talented, and I’d like to see him in more stuff. Unfortunately, that’s about the only reason I have for watching this movie. (Well, I like Ed Harris, too, but I expect he doesn’t get to do much but sneer in this film.) So, yeah. I probably would only watch it to mock it.

And finally . . . Upside Down:

My very favorite love stories tend to be a bit on the, er, unusual and or/fantastical side, so star-crossed lovers from cities that are basically on top of one another . . . well, my interest is definitely up. But . . . I am a bit worried that these two aren’t going to have much more character than being Star-Crossed Lovers. I don’t know if sweeping melodrama is what I’m looking for here. Cause, you know. I’ve seen Romeo and Juliet. Few different versions of it, now, classical adaptations, modern adaptations, on stage, on film, and read the actual play to boot. If Upside Down really ends up just being that story in this setting, I’m going to be awfully disappointed.

One thought on “Coming Soon-Ish: Aliens, Jumpers, and Gravity Challenged Love Affairs . . .

  1. You definitely need to give Alien another go. I was unimpressed the first time I saw it, too, whereas I loved Aliens from the start. However, with subsequent viewings, Alien has grown on me more and more. It’s become one of my favorite sci-fi movies, and I now like it even more than I like Aliens.

    Sometimes one viewing isn’t enough to fully absorb everything a movie has to offer. The best movies tend to grow on you and become better with each viewing. Two of my favorite movies of all time, Apocalypse Now and Taxi Driver, I was kinda “eh” about the first time I saw them. I think part of the problem lies with certain expecations of what the film is going to be based on clips we’ve seen or things we’ve heard, but then the movie turns out to be something completely different. The first time I watched Taxi Driver I just kept waiting for De Niro to go on a pimp-killing spree.

    Just curious, have you ever seen Blade Runner? And if so, what was your opinion of it?

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