Geek Battle of Blood—-ROUND FOUR!!!

The AFC and NFC Championships of Fantasy Fighting are here.



Multi-billionaire with access to all kinds of awesome bat-gadgets
Can practically fly
Serious body armor. Cape included.
Martial arts master. Super stealth.

Far more reluctant to kill than, say, an assassin.

The Bride:

Martial arts master. Trained by Pai Mei.
Good with all kinds of weapons. Prefers samurai sword.
Hard to kill. (Survived Crazy 88, being buried alive, bullet to the brain, etc.)
Knows Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique.

Doesn’t bother with body armor.



Demon. Large and uber strong.
Right hand of doom.
Hard to kill. Can heal from many would be fatal injuries.
Big gun with special bullets against all kinds of supernatural creatures. Rabbits probably included.

Not as fast as Killer Rabbit.

Killer Rabbit:

Leaps so fast it practically flies.
Small. Hard target to hit.
Nasty, big, pointy teeth.

Really no defense other than its speed. One hit by right hand of doom? Game over, man.

That’s it for this week. Results will be up next Monday, January 30th!

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5 Responses to Geek Battle of Blood—-ROUND FOUR!!!

  1. Patrick says:

    Round 5, Batman vs. the Killer Rabbit!

  2. rorf says:

    No way. As much as I would love to see killer rabbit in the finals, there is no way it would knaw out hellboy’s neck. Here’s how it would go down:

    rabbit sees hellboy, flies at neck, starts to gnaw. hellboy grabs him and squashes him with hand. hellboy is in bad shape, but manages to heal. winner=hellboy. it’s lame, i know, but that’s how it goes

  3. Melanie says:

    I have a feeling my man Batman has this in the bag, even though I do love me some Hellboy. 🙂 I have a feeling it’s going to come down to those final two – but as they say, There Can Be Only One. 😀 Batman FTW!

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