Geek Battle of Blood, Round 4 . . . WINNERS!

All right, folks. We’re almost there!


The Bride is hired for a tricky job: kill the Joker . . . while he’s locked up in Arkham Asylum. Batman hears about the hit and—despite the fact that his life would be infinitely improved if he would just let the Joker die for once—he rushes down to Arkham to save his archnemesis.

Batman attacks from the shadows, but the Bride hears him coming because she’s not just an assassin—she’s the assassin. They fight hand to hand, each trying to convince the other that they don’t have to do this, but when it becomes clear neither will back down, the Bride pulls out her Hattori Hanso sword. Suddenly, Batman is on the defensive. He grapples to a nearby rafter, out of range from her blade, and throws a batarang at her hand. The sword goes skittering across the floor.

Batman flys back down, kicking the Bride in the chest with both feet. She stumbles back and casts around for a weapon but finds none . . . until a security guard accidentally walks in on their battle. The Bride quickly knocks him out before and takes his gun. She turns to shoot Batman. Batman throws another batarang. This one hits The Bride in the forehead.

And sticks there.


Batman (53.33%)

The Blasphemous Wench Speaks: This one was pretty close. Batman started the week by slaughtering The Bride, but she made a huge comeback and only lost by three votes.


Hellboy is knocked unconscious in a fight with some bad guys. When he awakes, he doesn’t know where he is. It seems to be the middle of freaking nowhere. The only thing he sees besides trees is a cave in the distance. He makes towards the cave . . . when he notices all the bones surrounding it. Hellboy draws his gun, thinking maybe he should just go back the other way—

—when the Killer Rabbit flies out of nowhere, mouth open wide. Hellboy barely manages to get his arm up in time, shooting the Killer Rabbit in the head just before it bites down. The Killer Rabbit falls to the ground. Then Hellboy steps on it, just to make sure.

At least he has something to eat for dinner now.


Hellboy (50%)

The Blasphemous Wench Speaks: I haven’t had to break a tie since these fights started, but Hellboy and the Killer Rabbit were neck to neck the whole way through. And as much as I enjoy the idea of the Killer Rabbit fighting Batman in Gotham city, I don’t really think he deserves to be in the final round, not when I know he’s getting votes just for being funny. Besides, I really do think Hellboy would win this one. The Killer Rabbit is the scariest rabbit in the whole world . . . but you know, he IS just a rabbit.

Voting for the final match will begin tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Geek Battle of Blood, Round 4 . . . WINNERS!

  1. I just figured the bunny would have a hard time chewing through Hellboy’s extra-tough neck, and before it could finish the job he’d pluck it off and squash it in his hand of doom. Kind of a pity to see it go, though.

    • If he can chew through armor he could probably chew through Hellboy’s neck. After all, it’s only the one hand that’s made of rock.

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