Geek Battle of Blood . . . FINAL BATTLE!

Okay, it’s finally here. The apocalyptic battle, the Superbowl of Geekdom. Thirty other contenders have been knocked out of the running, leaving only two left standing. . .



Can practically fly.
Multi-billionaire with access to all kind of ridiculously awesome bat-gadgets.
Serious body armor.
Martial arts master.
Master of stealth.



Demon. Large and very strong.
Awesome right hand of doom.
Can heal from many would-be-fatal injuries.
Immunity to fire.
Big damn gun.

Not as fast or as stealthy as the Bat.

You have one week to vote. Your champion will be announced February 6th.

12 thoughts on “Geek Battle of Blood . . . FINAL BATTLE!

  1. Batman fights criminals and will not kill. Hellboy fights supernatural beings and kills them all the time. Hellboy is pretty agile, but he can’t exactly fly. However, he also doesn’t have a large and very grabbable cape. And if I remember correctly, the rules encourage a more limited use of tools. Batman is certainly known for having every gadget he could possibly need, but in that case Hellboy ought to be allowed his absolutely massive gun (which I reckon Hellboy could survive using close range and if Batman does too much long distance gliding I’m not sure he’d be so capable of evading it). The thing is Hellboy is tough as nails whereas Batman regularly comes out of similar fights to those Hellboy does all the time in pretty bad shape.

    • There are too many Batman fans here – Hellboy won’t stand a chance. I voted for him, but I have a feeling it’s a foregone conclusion that Batman will win.

  2. To me this is win-win situation. As much as I LOVE Batman (he got my vote!) I would be perfectly okay with Hellboy winning this one. 😀

  3. Hellboy shouldn’t have even made it this far.

    Batman carries around kryptonite “Just in case” so he can take down Superman. Hellboy ain’t no thang. He’s a genius.

    • Batman knows a lot about Superman, including his biggest of only a few weaknesses. If Batman and Hellboy throw down it would be without knowing much if anything about each other – he wouldn’t be carrying around the Hellboy equivalent of Kryptonite, and know exactly how to take him on. Hellboy on the other hand wouldn’t be fazed by Batman’s cute little gadgets, and unless it’s 60s TV Batman he won’t have to worry about a “right hand of doom repellant” or something. Plus, if his gadgets fail, and since he won’t have Hellboy krytponite, if it comes down to a slugfest how could Batman possibly go toe-to-toe?

      • ‘Cause he’s Batman.

        I mean, come on, if we were truly being objective neither character would have gotten this far in the first place.

      • I also think your premise of “they won’t know much about each other” is flawed. They’ve had an entire tournament, over the course of weeks, to find this kind of stuff out.

      • ‘Cause he’s Batman.

        Batman’s toys won’t help him against Hellboy. Get rid of those, and as with Tony Stark he’s just a man (admittedly in lot better shape and with some gourmet training, but still just a man). Although Hellboy is in no way in the same league as Pre-Crisis Superman, their fight should end up with the same result as when Batman and Superman tangled in The Dark Knight Returns.

        I mean, come on, if we were truly being objective neither character would have gotten this far in the first place.

        Considering who they were going up against, Hellboy at least deserves to have made it this far. Gandalf’s had his skinny, wrinkled ass handed to him by so many people, and the magic in LOTR is weak compared to the stuff Hellboy deals with.

        They’ve had an entire tournament, over the course of weeks, to find this kind of stuff out.

        Assuming they all know they’re in a tournament, which doesn’t seem to be the case. I figured it was supposed to be an Acts of Vengeance type deal where they square off against people they don’t normally square off against.

  4. I was kind of looking forward to the finale coming down to Batman just running over the Killer Rabbit in his batmobile.

    Batman will win this because he’s more popular, but I have a hard time actually imagining a scenario where Batman would win this fight if it actually occured. After all, Batman is just a dude who works out a lot and has a lot of cool gadgets. Hellboy is a demon from hell who can heal from pretty much any injury.

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