Coming Soon-Ish: Sarah Palin, Evil Psychics, and Mel Gibson.

Red Lights

On the plus side, this movie has Sigourney Weaver and Cillian Murphy in it. (I’d add Robert DeNiro, but honestly, I’ve been kind of iffy on him lately.) It was also directed by Rodrigo Cortes, who made the quintessential claustrophobia film, Buried. It was a seriously ambitious project and a pretty good one too, although it would have crashed and burned without Ryan Reynolds’s excellent performance.

But still, I can’t really say I’m into Red Lighs. Condescending skeptics defrauding slimy psychics doesn’t exactly appeal to me, and I don’t know . . . there’s just something in this trailer that makes me suspect I’m going to hate everybody in this movie. Plus, while I know you can’t always take other people’s opinions to heart, Red Lights premiered at Sundance, and I have yet to read a single good review about it.

Game Change

This is an HBO film, and whether you even bother watching it or not will likely depend on your politics. I’m not sure how much I’m into it, honestly. I can’t say I’m really interested in a sympathetic view of the woman, but if it’s really just two hours worth of jibes . . . well, I could just watch SNL reruns for that. What amuses me about this trailer is that I actually think Julianne Moore looks right as Sarah Palin, and I didn’t even recognize Ed Harris at first . . . until they both opened their mouths, and then the illusion was kind of broken.

Get the Gringo

I’m not finding a lot of winners today, am I? Look, this isn’t about Mel Gibson . . . I just don’t care for the trailer itself. The whole “Dear Mom, let’s juxtapose the crap I’m selling you with the actual shit that’s happening to me” joke gets old about fifteen seconds in. It could be a fun movie, I don’t know. But instead of finding out, I’d honestly rather just watch Maverick again.

And finally . . . The Cold Light of Day

Okay, seriously, is it just that I’m being cranky and overcritical tonight? I’m so bored by this trailer that I . . . shit, I don’t even know . . . I think I’m actually too bored to snark properly. The plot is blah flavored with eh. Bruce Willis appears to be playing Bruce Willis. Henry Cavill is approaching pancake levels of flatness with his delivery. Sweet Jesus, was I complaining about dog movies last week? I’m sorry, I take it back. I love dog movies, love em!

. . . also, this movie doesn’t have Clint Eastwood in it. I’m just saying. Look at that title. That title was made for Clint Eastwood. And Sigourney Weaver, seriously. Who’s making your movie choices lately?

2 thoughts on “Coming Soon-Ish: Sarah Palin, Evil Psychics, and Mel Gibson.

  1. I think part of the problem with Game Change is that it’s just too late. I’m not American, so I may be missing stuff, but I get the impression from the internet that the whole Sarah Palin thing is basically over now?

    • I don’t know. She’s not, like, the It Girl anymore, but when she says pretty much anything, there seems to be a ton of media coverage about it. But yeah, the movie probably would have played better (or at least got more people interested) if it had happened sooner.

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