Well. That Was Interesting.

Okay, you guys. You came that close, that close, to voting the same movie for Best and Worst Shyamalan film.

Best Shyamalan movie?

The Sixth Sense actually tied with Unbreakable for first place and, unfortunately, I haven’t seen either movie in a long time. But I loved The Sixth Sense when it came out. I liked the atmosphere. It was something different for Bruce Willis. The twist, at the time, took me by surprise. I haven’t watched it in a long time because I got burnt out on it a few years ago, but I really do like it a lot. On the other hand, I’ve only seen Unbreakable a couple of times, and while I liked it much better on the second viewing . . . I just don’t know it well enough to compare.

Interestingly enough, Signs and The Last Airbender tied for a very distant third place with two votes each. Signs is my own personal favorite Shyamalan film. Someday I’ll play the apologist and write up a whole review, but for now I’ll just say, “Move away, children! Vamanos!”

The Village, The Lady in the Water, and The Happening all tied for Total Loser Award with one vote each. I was sort of impressed that every film got a vote—though I believe The Happening was only picked because it was so hilarious to mock. (And clearly I can’t argue that logic, or Bloody Hearts wouldn’t even exist.)

Your least favorite film, on the other hand . . .

The Last Airbender won with ten votes or 35.71% of the vote. The Sixth Sense, on the other hand, the one that tied for first place? Yeah, that took second place with nine votes for Worst Shyamalan film.

Either this is an incredibly divisive movie, or someone out there is just fucking with me.

Third place goes to The Happening, although it didn’t receive nearly as many votes as I would have expected, only three, putting it in a very distant third place. Each movie got nominated at least once for Total Suckiness. The movies you appear to hate the least are Unbreakable and The Village.

It’s interesting. There seems to be a general consensus in the movie community that Shyamalan shouldn’t get to make any more movies. Seriously, the booing I heard for the Devil trailer (which he only produced) was just ridiculous. But there is apparently no consensus on which of his movies are awesome and which are awful. Even The Last Airbender, which won as the worst film, managed third place for best.

Art is in the eye of the beholder, I guess.

4 thoughts on “Well. That Was Interesting.

  1. I voted for Unbreakable as best, and Sixth as worst as those, apart from a few minutes of The Village, are the only ones I’ve seen. Unbreakable was certainly not flawless, but by the time I saw The Sixth Sense the twist was blown – sort of like how I couldn’t be too shocked by the revelation of Vader being Luke’s father because that had been blown before I ever saw any of the Star Wars movies. And, in the end, the twist in Sixth doesn’t make a lot of sense once you know about it. It is possible to make that kind of movie watchable more than once, as I’ve seen Rear Window several times.

    • I’m not sure it’s valid to say a movie is “bad” because you know the ending going in, though. It’s universally accepted that “Sixth Sense” is one of his strongest films by the critical community at large.

      Not that opinions can’t be divergent…but did you come by that one honestly is my question.

      • It was bad because the idea doesn’t hold up. Knowing the twist going in just made it less enjoyable. I wouldn’t have ranked it as bad just because I knew the ending – otherwise I wouldn’t like Empire best of all the Star Wars movies.

    • “I voted for Unbreakable as best, and Sixth as worst”

      Same here.

      I think most people haven’t seen what are supposed to be Shyamalan’s biggest duds:
      – Lady In The Water
      – The Happening
      – The Last Airbender

      It’s difficult to vote for a movie you haven’t seen.

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