Everyone Loves a Mash-Up . . .

So, it’s going to be a quiet week on My Geek Blasphemy. I’m going to LA to visit a friend, and I have no intention of writing much while there. However, I do have a new poll for you. This one’s about . . . crossovers!

You really don’t see a lot of movie crossovers or mashups. The Avengers, I guess, but that’s about it. The crossover has always been more of a TV phenomenon. Well, no longer!

Which of these movie crossovers or mashups would you be most interested in seeing?

1. Inception and Silence of the Lambs

How I See It: There’s a serial killer on the loose, another sort of acquaintance of Hannibal Lecter’s. Hannibal is back in prison (I’m just ignoring the movie Hannibal for the purposes of this proposal) and Clarice Starling is . . . pretty much anywhere else. Hannibal won’t play with anyone but Clarice, so the FBI calls in the Inception crew to break into Hannibal’s dreams and extract what he knows. Only the knowledge is buried deep, and Hannibal’s mind is a lot creepier and more dangerous than Cillian Murphy’s.

2. Charlie’s Angels and The A-Team

How I See It: Terrorists concoct some giant, complicated, evil plot to destroy America and, quite possibly, the world. The danger is so great that both Charlie’s Angels AND The A-Team are called in to save the day through the most ridiculous action stunts known to man.

3. Can’t Hardly Wait and Battle Royale

How I See It: In the Battle Royale program, the Japanese select one class of middle schoolers per year and put them on an island with various weapons (anything from a shotgun to a pot lid) in a fight to the death. The game ends when there is one sole survivor. America has enthusiastically adapted this program into their own society, only they have older participants in mind, specifically teenagers coming into adulthood. They select the graduating class of Can’t Hardly Wait to battle it out.

4. Star Trek and Predators

How I See It: The Enterprise crew—well, let’s say the Senior Staff (you know, the people you actually care about) plus maybe ONE red shirt—is abducted from the ship and dropped onto the Predator planet. The crew has to find a way to escape before they are hunted down and killed. Not all of them make it out alive.

5. Peter Pan and Let the Right One In

How I See It: Wendy is old now. Actually, she’s long dead. So Peter comes to find more companions, and who does he bring back with him but Eli and Oskar from Let the Right One In. Suddenly, the Lost Boys are a lot more bloodthirsty, and Neverland becomes a much different place.

Of course, if you have your own idea for how a crossover between nominees would go (perhaps you would like to see the Inception team break into Clarice’s head in order to find Hannibal Lecter, for example), you’re welcome to ignore how I see it and still vote for an Inception and Silence of the Lambs mashup. I just had fun coming up with scenarios. They aren’t, like, mandatory.

With that in mind . . .

Poll is up for one week. Results will be posted March 19th.

5 thoughts on “Everyone Loves a Mash-Up . . .

      • Me too. Although I think the cast would at least be a step up in this version. Although o be fair, I’ve only seen a bit of The Cell and can’t remember it much, so maybe when I watch the whole movie Jennifer Lopez and Vince Vaugn will dazzle me with a brilliant and unexpected display of talent.

        • Yeah, I realized the similarities too, almost immediately after I came up with the idea. But I included it anyway for pretty much the same reason Teacups gave: a better cast. I can’t help but feel like The Cell is a cool enough movie, but it could have been an AMAZING movie if the script had been just a bit sharper, and the actress cast in J-Lo’s part had been chosen for some reason other than her ability to look cute while walking around the house in her panties. It’s not that Jennifer Lopez is absolutely horrible in The Cell. She’s just not really anything special, either.

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