A Bridge Between Two Worlds . . .

I apologize for the delay in posting results. RL has this nasty habit of misbehaving, doesn’t it? Anyhow, last week I asked what movie crossover or mash-up you would be most interested in seeing. The winner?

As a few people pointed out in the comments section, a crossover between Inception and Silence of the Lambs would likely turn out to be an awful lot like The Cell . . . except with a much better cast and probably sharper writing, so you know, that’s a plus. I know this movie would never happen, but I’d be first in line at the theater if it did. I spend too much time reading Inception fanfiction and coming up with crazy ideas for sequels. Throwing in Hannibal Lecter would just be icing on the mind-bendy cake.

Second place is awarded to the Star Trek and Predators crossover, which would be completely awesome . . . if not a little depressing, since you know at least half the cast should really bite it, and these are actually characters you’d care about. Some predictions about a movie that will never actually happen: Uhura would make it, Spock would sacrifice himself, and Sulu would almost certainly die.

This is some bullshit.

The rest of the nominees only received one vote each, which is too bad. I kind of thought Can’t Hardly Wait and Battle Royale was inspired.

"Damn, she's gonna think I've got that premature evacuation!"

Sadly, Seth Green would probably be the first to go.

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