4 thoughts on “Oh, Silent Bob . . .

  1. I’m not a big fan of Smith, but I respect much of his early career. For me, Dogma was his best, though Clerks runs a very close second. The needless Clerks 2 is the worst, beating out Cop Out because Cop Out was merely “bad”. Clerks 2 was bad while also being a sequel.

    My biggest problem with Smith is that he’s never evolved as a film-maker. His style has remained static. That early-20’s vibe his original films had never changed and thus he’s started venturing into self-parody at this point.

  2. I Love Kevin Smith, He’s a genius! I disagree with Brandon. He is DEFINITELY an evolved and accomplished film maker. Dogma is one of my all time favorite films! I think he is struggling with what types of films he wants to put himself into now that he’s done with Jay and Silent Bob and Malrats. Jersey Girl was a stretch in a new direction but still a very endearing film with a star studded cast. I loved it.

  3. I found Clerks 2 hilarious (hides).

    I didn’t think Dogma was terribly funny (thought it was still quite fun all the same) and I haven’t seen a lot of the ones that are supposed to be really bad. As such, actually the worst one I’ve actually seen has to be “Red State” with its dull explain-it-all-while-sitting-down ending.

    To my mind, the first Clerks movie is the best.

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