A Monday Morning Blasphemy With Kevin Smith . . .

Results are in. Your favorite Kevin Smith movie?

Dogma, Clerks, and Chasing Amy all actually tied for first place with a mighty four votes each. As Tie-Breaker, I easily took Chasing Amy out of the running. I’ve only seen it once, and honestly? I didn’t much care for it. I’m going to give it a second chance one of these days, and I might learn to appreciate it more, but I sincerely doubt that this movie will ever be my favorite.

Dogma and Clerks are my two favorite Kevin Smith movies, and I’ve always had difficulty choosing between the two of them . . . but at the end of the day, I had to go with the one that has Alan Rickman as the voice of God and Matt Damon shouting, “Don’t run! Don’t run!” as he gleefully kills people. I love the humor in Dogma. I also really enjoy a lot of the concepts. Chris Rock’s bit about ideas being better than beliefs was a big deal for me when I first watched the film.

So Clerks (which I also love because Randall is awesome and, also, the whole independent contractor on the Death Star debate) ties with Chasing Amy for second place, leaving Mallrats to take third. You know, I haven’t watched Mallrats in a really long time. I have to get that movie on DVD.

Total Loser Award goes to most of Smith’s later movies including Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Jersey Girl, Clerks II, and Red State all of which received no votes at all.

Now, as far as your LEAST favorite Kevin Smith film . . .

Cop Out tied with Red State as your least favorite movie, and as I’m forced to pick between them . . . yeah, I went with the movie I haven’t actually seen. Red State isn’t a perfect film, but I don’t think it’s a bad one, either. It’s flawed, but it’s flawed in an interesting sort of way, you know? So I picked Cop Out, which I heard almost unanimously horrible things about. (Although not entirely unanimously. Someone out there liked Cop Out because it got one vote for Favorite Kevin Smith Film.)

Zack and Miri Make a Porno and Chasing Amy tied for third Least Favorite Kevin Smith film. After hearing so much shit about it, I thought for sure Jersey Girl would be higher on the list, but it only got one vote. Like Shyamalan, people seem to overall prefer Smith’s earlier work to his later work, but there seems to be no exact consensus on which films specifically are best and worst. Each film got at least one nomination for Worst except for Clerks.

I guess we’ll have to just wait and see how Smith’s hockey movie goes.

3 thoughts on “A Monday Morning Blasphemy With Kevin Smith . . .

  1. The reason why we aren’t consistent on the worst film is nothing to do with it being a difficult decision and everything to do with not wanting to watch widely panned films.

    How many people voting had actually seen “Jersey Girl”? When “Cop Out” was released it was hoped to be big hit for Kevin Smith and had Bruce Willis prominently on the poster. I don’t remember any such buzz for “Jersey Girl” (I mean wasn’t the big draw supposed to be Liv Tyler on that one? Yeah, kinda not surprised people didn’t flock to see it.)

    If we haven’t seen a movie, we don’t vote on it. So the worst movie poll depends not only on which was most disappointing, but which had the most people prepared to watch it so it could disappoint them.

  2. I voted Chasing Amy as my favourite, I also love Clerks (1 and 2), Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Zack and Miri and Mallrats but I think I’ve seen Chasing Amy the most and I’ve shown it to a lot of people too. I voted Dogma as my least favourite because I felt bringing supernatural aspects into the View Askweniverse fucked with it’s credibility somehow…if you know what I mean? I don’t get why everyone was so down on Cop Out. I thought it was pretty fucking hilarious. I only saw it once but I’d definitely watch it again. Haven’t seen Jersey Girl or Red State.

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