Wish Fulfillment . . .

Well, it’s official. The place from the movies that you most wish was real?

Jurassic Park!

Apparently, the thought of seeing a bunch of living dinosaurs still excites the eight-year old in all of us. Jurassic Park took first place with 46.67% of the vote. Close behind was Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory from, yes, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. If you’re curious, this is what I would have picked. I mean, I like dinosaurs, but I have this silly little fear about being eaten alive. I’d rather go somewhere with less imminent danger where I can eat chocolate grass . . . although, admittedly, I’d still be pretty wary of that tunnel.

Jack Rabbit Slims, Empire Records, and Lacuna Inc. all managed to get a single nod, leaving only Rekall with no votes at all. Perhaps VR is not as exciting as it used to be, or perhaps some of you are concerned you’ll end up looking like this:

You know, I can understand that.

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