A Question About Adaptations . . .

There are a lot of movies that have been adapted from graphic novels. From HellV for Vendetta. The various superhero films. But there are still so many, many more that could make good big screen entertainment.

Today’s poll: I am going to give you very brief descriptions of seven different comic books or comic book series, and you’re going to tell me which one you’d most like to see turned into a live-action movie. (Some of my descriptions are based off Wikipedia, since I haven’t read every single book on this list. Or it’s just been awhile.) The nominees?

Y: The Last Man

Genre: Apocalyptic/Dystopian Science-Fiction

Summary: Every mammal possessing a Y-chromosome (including humans, animals, fertilized eggs, etc.) dies on the same day except for Yorick, an amateur escape artist, and his pet monkey, Ampersand. Society collapses. Women must struggle with putting the world back together and the serious likelihood of their eventual extinction without men to propagate the species.


Genre: Fantasy/Fairy Tales

Summary: Various fairy tale characters—well, almost all of them, really—are exiled from their lands by the Adversary and forced to live in disguise in our world. Those who cannot blend in (like talking animals, for instance) live at The Farm. So, it’s like Once Upon a Time, but a bit darker. Oh, and every character knows who they are, of course. Snow White knows she’s Snow White and so on.


Genre: Fantasy/Superhero

Summary: Six kids (mostly teenagers) learn that their parents have secret identities, only they aren’t superheroes. They are actually “The Pride,” a criminal syndicate comprised of aliens, mutants, wizards, etc. The kids realize they have inherited their parents’ abilities and band together themselves, squaring off against their parents.


Genre: Horror/Fantasy/Mythological

Summary: Jesse Custer is a preacher from Texas who is possessed by a supernatural creature called Genesis. He develops the Word, an ability that makes people obey anything he commands. He travels around America, on a mission to find God (like, literally), with an old girlfriend and an Irish vampire who likes to drink a lot.

The Sandman

Genre: Horror/Fantasy/Mythological

Summary: Morpheus (basically, the personification or god of Dreams) is held captive for seventy years. He escapes in modern day time and has to reclaim his objects of power in order to rebuild his kingdom, contending with pretty much everything you can think of including dream vortexes, serial killers, and Lucifer.

Ex Machina

Genre: Political/Fantasy/Superheroes

Summary: Mitchell Hundred (aka The Great Machine) is the world’s first and only superhero. After 9/11, he is elected Mayor of New York City. The story goes back and forth between Hundred’s term in office and his flashbacks to his superhero days.

Black Hole

Genre: 70’s Epidemic AU

Summary: A bunch of high school students contract an STD over the summer that causes them to develop unique physical mutations (like growing a tail, for instance). They become social outcasts. Several of the characters run away to live in a camp in the woods, while others try to continue going to school and living their lives. It’s basically a big metaphor for coming into adulthood, only with more grotesque body growths.

That’s it for the summaries. Now the big question:

Poll is up for one week as usual. Results should be posted April 16th, unless I’m having internet problems or something.

2 thoughts on “A Question About Adaptations . . .

  1. Y the Last Man, though I think that Runaways and Preacher would make incredible films. Sandman, Fables and Ex Machina would make better TV series, I think. No opinion on Black Hole, since I haven’t read it.

  2. ZOMG Preacher!

    Yeah sure, it couldn’t really be made into a movie, but I’d love to see them try. 🙂

    Y’know what I’d really like to see made into a movie? Garth Ennis’ Ghost Rider story “Road To Damnation”. It’s absolutely crazy and it would be AMAZING.

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