Because Everyone Likes A Kick-Ass Preacher . . .

Not every comic book-turned-movie needs to be about superheroes. The comic book adaptation that you’d most like to see?

I haven’t actually read it yet, but just based on the description, I’m thinking . . . Josh Brolin? Or do you think Jonah Hex has turned him away from comics for good?

Second place goes to a three-way tie between Y: The Last Man, Fables, and The Sandman. I would be ridiculously excited by seeing any of these movies, although I think Fables might be better suited for a television series. And Y: The Last Man needs to, at the very least, be a trilogy, although that’s not the problem that it used to be. We should be thankful to Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. Sure, the studios will cut books in half to make more money these days, sometimes unnecessarily . . . but on the whole, we actually have a better chance of losing less of the source material in translation.

Everything else on the list comes in third place because none of the other nominees received any votes. I’ve never read Ex Machina, and I didn’t actually like Black Hole all that much, but Runaways is a favorite of mine, and I’d love to see it on the big or the small screen.

Although God knows who I’d cast. I don’t know enough actors under twenty.

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