If Only I Could Tango . . .

I have been without the internet for nearly a week. Well. Okay. I managed to cheat and get some internet time in at the library and at a friend’s house, but these were temporary fixes. My home was Google-less for six days. I could not check my email. I could not update Facebook. I could not win a bet by instantly going on to IMDb and confirming that The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift was the third film in the series. It has been a dark time.

Thankfully, I finally have wireless back again. While I don’t have a new poll for you today (I was too busy weeping to come up with a new poll), I do have results for you and, hopefully, a new review up tomorrow. (Reviews? What are reviews? How long has it been since I’ve even posted one? My failure knows no bounds.)

As far as your preferred James Cameron movie . . .

No challenge here. Terminator 2: Judgment Day won with over 50% of the vote. Its predecessor, The Terminator, tied with The Abyss for a very distant second place. Third place is also a tie, this time between Aliens and True Lies, although both films only managed one vote each. (I’ll admit, I was a little surprised. I thought Aliens would get more love than it got. Although my batch of poll-takers has incredibly diminished in the last couple of months—a site I used to cross-post to apparently started hating me, and my polls have unfortunately suffered the most from it. I need to find more friends.)

Total Loser Award is another tie and goes to Cameron’s more recent work: Titanic and Avatar. Which seems only accurate—these are my least favorite J.C. films too. Maybe he’ll eventually win back my love with Battle Angel. If not, well. At least I can watch sexy tango dancing in True Lies on DVD over and over again.

My (admittedly limited) experiences with dancing with boys? Sadly, nothing like this.

3 thoughts on “If Only I Could Tango . . .

  1. I voted for True Lies, but that was only because I didn’t notice Terminator 2 on the list. Not that it needed my help.

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