The Only Coming Soon-Ish That Really Matters . . .

The most recent trailer for The Dark Knight Rises:

Oh. My. God. I’ll be in Seattle when this movie comes out, and I’ll be fairly to extremely busy at the time—I can already anticipate not being able to write up the full review that I’ll undoubtedly want to—but everything will stop so that I can see this in theaters. I don’t care how insanely crazy things are in my life right then. I will see this movie, or I will die trying.

. . . okay, so maybe that’s pushing it. I wouldn’t willingly die for much of anything—I’m, like, the anti-martyr—but still. I’m desperately excited about this film.

*goes running around the house in glee, jumping on things and saying in a gravelly voice, “I’m Batman!”*

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