Coming Soon-Ish: Horror, More Horror, MORE Horror, and Glee

Resident Evil: Retribution

I am still disappointed this is not titled Resident Evil: After-Afterlife.

I’ll give RE this much: their trailers always start off fun. But I can’t say I have a lot of interest in this movie, even though I’ll probably watch it eventually, especially since I’ve seen all the other ones. This series has just gotten so ridiculously overelaborate now. Umbrella’s taking over the world, those scheming arch-bastards! The dead people are back! They’ve trapped Alice in an imaginary world! It’s all raising stakes and exclamation points, and all I’m doing is yawning. The RE films are action movies, not horror movies, and that’s okay in principle, but I just don’t find them silly or enjoyable enough to really bother with anymore.


I’m a little torn on this one. On one hand, I feel like I’ve seen so many horror stories that center around moving into a new house as a fresh start, or horror stories that feature evil pagan deities, or even horror stories that have a writer as the lead character. On the other, there is a lot of genuinely creepy stuff in this trailer, and I really did like a few of Ethan Hawke’s reactions. The story seems like it might go further than all the cliches, so yeah, this is certainly a possibility.


This is a red-band trailer, just so you know, people. Also, it looks completely awesome. Anthology movies are not always my thing, but this is the scariest looking horror movie I think I’ve seen in months. I don’t know a lot of the directors involved, but I do recognize Glenn McQuaid (I Sell the Dead) and Ti West (The House of the Devil). I’m definitely interested in watching this one.

Pitch Perfect

The one that’s decidedly not in the horror genre.

I’m sure this one is getting all kinds of comparisons to Glee and Bring it On. Actually, I could watch this. Not in theater—this is not my kind of theater movie—but I could check it out as a rental. I like Anna Kendrick a lot, and I would love to see her in a less chipper role than she normally plays. A lot of the lines made me laugh, although we’ll see how well the “fat humor” goes over. I loved the introduction “Fat Amy,” but if this movie is just riddled with cardio jokes, it’s going to get old pretty fast.

Finally, if you haven’t seen Angelina Jolie as Maleficent yet, check it out here. This is the first promotional photo—obviously there’s no trailer—but based on this pic alone, I’m interested.

2 thoughts on “Coming Soon-Ish: Horror, More Horror, MORE Horror, and Glee

  1. “I am still disappointed this is not titled Resident Evil: After-Afterlife.”
    Snerk. Resident Evil: Whatever, Resident Evil: It Never Ends, or Resident Evil: Again would all be way too blatantly self-mocking, but I’m sincerely hoping that someday we’ll get one called Resident Evil: Eternity, or something similar.

    I’ll probably check out Sinister, because I’m interested in the idea of evil things that live inside pictures, videos, stories ect, or gain power through them. I’ll definitely see VHS. For both of these movies, I also kind of like the idea of people stumbling across what are basically snuff films. That’s pretty creepy.

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