Emmys 2012 – Notes, Fashion, Soul Crushing Disappointment.

Last year’s Emmys were actually kind of exciting . . . as far as awards shows go, I suppose. I mean, I’m a sucker for them myself, but I’ll admit they aren’t exactly giant robot battles or mud wrestling bouts. Still, last year we had some contenders from great shows that normally get overlooked. We also had a few surprise winners, like Kyle Chandler from Friday Night Lights.

This year?

This year things were almost as predictable as they could get.

1. I suppose there were a few surprises in the evening. Mad Men did not have their third? fourth? straight win for Best Drama. Instead, Homeland took the top prize. I’ve never watched either show, so I can’t say I cared much either way.

2. I do feel a little bad for Jon Hamm, though.

You know, I think I like him with a little scruff. People are always talking about Hamm like he’s a sexy god of sexiness, which I never fully understood until I saw him outside of Mad Men. He looks so much better smiling. And with relaxed hair, too.

Mad Men usually gets so much love, I just assumed Hamm had won at least one Best Actor award at some point or another. Not so. The man who appears to be the acting backbone of the show has never once won an Emmy. That’s as sad as John Noble never having been nominated for an award.

3. Also a little sad? Jon Cryer wins for Two and a Half Men.

Cryer seems like a nice enough guy, so I feel a little bitchy about this, but I’ve seen Two and a Half Men before. It’s about as generic of a sitcom as you get. There’s nothing exciting about this show, and Cryer’s performance isn’t terrible, but . . . Emmy worthy? Really? I was kind of annoyed that he got nominated at all (particularly over people like Joel McHale, James Roday, Josh Hopkins, etc) so the fact that he actually won?

Jon Cryer was clearly shocked hearing his name. So was everyone else, I think.

4. Community was up for one award, one, and it lost. I’m not surprised, but I am disappointed. “Remedial Chaos Theory” was an awesome episode.

The darkest timeline.

5. Sadly, Modern Family pretty much sweeps again. I know I’ve said this before — I will probably say this for the next seven years — but I’m sure the show’s funny. The episode I watched was enjoyable enough. It’s just not the only comedy on television. I don’t think Psych is as consistently strong as it used to be, but I’m annoyed that it never got any nods ever. They’ve had some pretty sharp writing in the first few years, and the actors themselves are always hilarious. Community has sort of taken over the whole geek pop culture theme episodes, but Psych actually got there first.

Still, I think Community is one of the best comedies currently on television. Also a surprisingly strong show: Cougar Town. Everybody looks at me like I’m insane when I say that, but you have to get past the name. Even when the show actually was about an older woman dating younger men, it was still pretty funny, and that whole plot line stopped halfway through the first season. It deserves so much more attention than it gets. I doubt it will find that attention on TBS, but at least TBS is letting me continue watching it.

And while I don’t watch either show, Parks and Recreation is supposed to be pretty hilarious, and I’ve heard nothing but good things about the less well-known Happy EndingsParks and Recreation only managed to get two nods (neither of them for Best Comedy) and Happy Endings got nothing at all.

I’m just saying, Emmys. You don’t have to restrict all your love for just one program.

6. More predictability: The Amazing Race and The Daily Show win.

Now people, I adore The Daily Show, absolutely adore it. But clearly, even Jon Stewart is like, Jesus, will you just give the award to Colbert for once? I did like the bit where Colbert and Jimmy Fallon attacked Jon Stewart and tried to prevent him from getting up to the stage, though.

I don’t care so much about the The Amazing Race — I’ve never seen the show, and I’m not super invested in the whole category — but seriously, it’s won nine out of ten years running. One more and it will be MORTAL KOMBAT!

7. The only thing I did care about in the reality show competition was Cat Deeley’s nomination for Best Reality Show Host. I wanted her to win because she’s awesome.

Tom Bergeron won instead. Godammit.

8. More annoyance: who decided that Downton Abbey belonged in the Best Drama category when shows like Sherlock and Luther are in Best Miniseries or Movie? I like Downton Abbey, I do, but this is probably the reason Justified got overlooked this year when the Emmys had finally started paying attention to it in 2011. I’m glad Jeremy Davies won for Best Guest Actor, at least, but Timothy Olyphant, Walton Goggins, and Neal McDonough were robbed.

Also in bizarre categorization: how the HELL is American Horror Story considered a miniseries now? Look, I understand that the show’s setup is particularly unusual, but whether the story is contained to one season or not, it had twelve episodes. Come on. That’s a little long for a miniseries, isn’t it? Besides, it’s getting a Season 2. Admittedly, it’s an unrelated Season 2, but it’s still an additional season.

9. The best thing I can say about the Emmys this year is that they finally got the In Memoriam right. The singer wasn’t spotlighted, and the song wasn’t a particularly bad version of “Hallelujah.” So thank Christ for that.

10. Finally, fashion! Now, I haven’t watched Fashion Police’s Emmy Special yet — yes, I totally watch Fashion Police — but from what I remember, my best dressed would probably go to Tina Fey.

With honorable mentions going to Kat Dennings, Zooey Deschanel, Lucy Liu, and Jessica Pare.

Worst dressed, on the other hand?

I think it has to go to Glenn Close, although Lena Dunham’s spectacularly unflattering dress was also particularly bad. Actually, there were a lot of dresses I hated this year. Other (dis)honorable mentions: Christine Baranski, Hayden Panettiere, Claire Danes, Ginnifer Goodwin, Nicole Kidman, etc.

In conclusion: blah. Better luck next year, I guess.

4 thoughts on “Emmys 2012 – Notes, Fashion, Soul Crushing Disappointment.

  1. I feel so conflicted. There was everything you mentioned, plus I’ve always found Modern Family pretty average anyhow, and even the people who liked it say that it’s been downsliding for a while now… On the other hand, I was expecting to be disappointed anyway, and also Louie won a writing award! I love Louie! But that wasn’t exactly my favourite episode. It was mostly good, but I hated the ending, so I’m kind of disappointed that THAT’s the episode the show gets recognised for. Especially when it means Community losing.

    • I may have been overselling it with the whole “soul-crushing disappointment” thing. Going in, I wasn’t expecting so much, I suppose. Still. I was hoping for a little bit more excitement.

      I’ve heard good things about Louie, but I’ve never gotten around to watching it. Maybe this year.

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