Sorry, Bela Lugosi . . .

Here’s a funny twist — there was a tie for Favorite Classic Universal Monster Movie, and while I haven’t actually seen one of the winners, I actively dislike the other one. So as tie-breaker, I am choosing . . .

. . . the movie I haven’t seen yet.

Dracula is automatically bumped to second place — and sorry, you four people who actually voted for this, but I found Bela Lugosi’s Dracula immensely boring. I haven’t watched any of the old Christopher Lee movies yet, but my honest-to-god favorite version of Dracula so far (other than the book itself) is Dracula 2000 because it’s such a silly guilty pleasure.

It also stars Gerard Butler before he got famous and started doing shitty rom-coms and inspirational surfer movies.

Third place is a three-way tie between Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein, and The Wolf Man. I also remember The Wolf Man being slow, but it’s been about a decade since I’ve seen it, so I could conceivably try it again. Frankenstein is my own personal favorite of these movies — I feel like James Whale was actually having fun with it as he made the film. And the Abnormal Brain bit?

Awesome. Just awesome.

Finally, Total Loser Award goes to The Phantom of the Opera, the only movie to get no votes at all. I haven’t seen this particular version of Phantom either, but I have seen the one with, you guessed it, Gerard Butler, and wow . . . the men in that movie are some whiny bitches, aren’t they? I kind of want to see a live show sometime, just to see if the spectacle overwhelms me, but at least in the version I watched, I hated almost single character in there. Carlotta was the only saving grace.

Sadly, even Minnie Driver could not save this movie for me.

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