Coming Soon-Ish: Pyrokinesis, Gangsters, and James Bond . . .


Well, this tells you almost nothing. Still, it’s Carrie. I like Chloe Grace Moretz a lot, so I’m willing to try it out, even though I’m an enormous fan of the original and Sissy Spacek’s bug eyes. Besides, the director is a woman, which makes me inordinately happy. Also, I’ve heard that this remake plans to play it closer to the book. It’s been at least a decade since I’ve read the novel — I might have to read it again before this one comes out.

Alter Egos

Hee. This looks kind of bizarre and strange, and clearly, I’m a giant superhero nerd, so I’ll probably watch this at some point. Whether it’s actually good or not remains to be seen, but Cute Boy God is in it, and he plays a possibly deranged superhero named Fridge! What’s not to love? (Besides: “nobody follows that rule.” Heh.)

Gangster Squad

While I’m not usually a mobster movie person, I am big on both vigilantes and fedoras, and this looks kind of stylish and silly and fun. The biggest acting draw, amusingly, is Emma Stone, who I just adore and want to see in everything. This movie will also be a two-fold reunion for her: Stone and Ryan Gosling were in Crazy Stupid Love together, and she was also in Ruben Fleischer’s Zombieland. (Which I also adored.)

I’m a little less crazy about the prosthetics on Sean Penn’s face — I’m starting to worry that unnecessary prosthetics are going to be new pet peeve, after shitty CGI — but I suppose I can forgive them.

Save the Date

This is IMDb’s summary for this movie: a comedy centered on two very different sisters. Wow, guys. Thanks for fucking nothing.

I’m not sure about this trailer. I can be a sucker for indie romances, as well as sibling stories — especially sibling stories where the the sisters don’t seem to despise each other, even if they are different. But I’m mostly interested in this because I really like Allison Brie, and I’m interested to see her in more outside of Community and Scream 4. That being said, there’s nothing about this trailer that makes me dying to go see it. I figure it falls somewhere above an inspirational sports film but well below a Tarantino revenge flick.

And finally . . . Skyfall

Okay, so trailers have been up for Skyfall for months now, but I just haven’t cared that much to bother watching one. Now that I have . . . yeah, I’ll probably get around to seeing this eventually. It’s not that I dislike James Bond — I just don’t have much opinion one way or the other. I did enjoy Casino Royale, though, and Skyfall has a pretty good cast. (I’m particularly happy with Naomie Harris — and seriously, is Javier Bardem picking parts on how shitty his hair gets to look?)

It should be mentioned that I never saw Quantum of Solace. Everyone I talked to said it sucked, and I just couldn’t get past the name. Seriously, I just couldn’t.

Thankfully, I’m happier with this title. Hopefully, the movie will be better too.

5 thoughts on “Coming Soon-Ish: Pyrokinesis, Gangsters, and James Bond . . .

  1. Alison Brie and Lizzie Caplan are playing sisters and there’s a Party Down reunion with Martin Starr! The movie itself looks okay, nothing special, but I was only half-watching the trailer, because the other part of my brain was too busy squeeing over that casting.

    It’d be good to see Kris Lemche take the lead in something, because I love Ginger Snaps and liked him in it, but the only other thing I’ve ever seen him in was a Ghost Whisperer scene. He looks very funny in this, and I’m loving the crappy costumes.

  2. Besides, the director is a woman, which makes me inordinately happy.

    Why? The book was written by a man. The gender of the director shouldn’t matter at all to anyone.

    • Well, it matters a little to me for a couple of reasons.

      1. I’m curious to see how the locker room scene will play out. Generally, I don’t think I’m one of those women who has to talk about her period all the time — or at least have little patience for the idea that it’s beautiful or poetic or anything other than an often messy and annoying fact of life — but I think that scene probably reads a little differently to women than it does to men, if for no other reason than the first time you have your period is one of those experiences that only women have. I’m not offended by the idea of a man directing the scene, but I am interested in seeing if a woman brings a different light to it or not.

      2. More importantly, there aren’t a ton of female directors out there, and there certainly aren’t a lot of female directors who make horror movies. Offhand, I can think of two. So I’m always excited to see more.

  3. Skyfall looks like it should be cool. That chick looks a lot like Eva Green to me, though. Maybe I’m crazy. Anyway, I wonder if they’re starting to stray into Old Bond territory with that ridiculous gun that only he can fire. Is that even possible? It could be, I don’t know, but it seems kind of stupid.

    • I doubt it’s possible yet, but maybe. It does seem to push it a bit further into Roger Moore territory. I’ll give it a chance. Thing is, the trailer for Quantum looked cool too and how’d that work out? I wonder how many more Bond movie this guy’s got in him, too, he’s getting a bit long in the tooth.

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