So . . . Remakes Suck.

With Election Day coming up tomorrow, I should probably be doing a themed poll — like best movies about the presidency, or best movies about the apocalypse — but I didn’t think of that until after I wrote this one, so . . . yeah. Instead:

Per usual, you’re free to voice your explanations or outrage in the comments section. Maybe you thought Chris Klein was fantastic in the new Rollerball, or maybe you simply can’t believe that Prom Night didn’t end up on the list. (Don’t think I didn’t consider it. That movie’s terrible.) However, just remember that you need to actually vote in the poll, not just in the comments section or on Facebook. Otherwise, your vote won’t actually be counted, and won’t you be sad.

Poll will be open one week. Results will (probably) be posted next Monday.

9 thoughts on “So . . . Remakes Suck.

    • You know, I actually can’t remember if just saw part of it on TV or something, or if I actually watched the whole thing, and my brain — trying, as always, to protect me — has blocked the whole experience out. I will have to consult with my sister, but I have a sneaking suspicion it’s the latter.

  1. It was a toss up, since the remake of Black Christmas wasn’t very good. But, come one, Tim Burton’s Apes was insulting.

    Remakes don’t always suck though. They are retelling modern fairy tales, or so that one io9 post would have us believe.

    Also, hi Carlie! It’s Chris, from Dragon*Con. Remember me!?

    • I do! I heartily appreciate you adding “from Dragon*Con,” though, because I think I know at least seven different guys named Chris, and sometimes it’s hard to keep track 🙂

      I don’t expect Black Christmas to win, but I had to at least put it on the ballot because . . . ugh, that movie is AWFUL, and I like the original so much. But Planet of the Apes is pretty horrifying, I’ll grant you.

      Actually, I don’t hate all remakes. I can think of a couple offhand that I even really like — but there are so many, many bad ones. Keeping this list at 10 movies took some work. (Sadly, I must have missed that particular io9 article.)

  2. If I was judging the remakes based solely on how bad they were, the worst one I have seen from that list BY FAR was the remake of “Rollerball”.

    However, bearing in mind how good the original movie was (and therefore how much of a travesty the remake was as a result) my vote has to go for “Godzilla”. That must be the first godzilla movie out of the whole series where the skyscraper sized monster is able to hide by escaping into the subway unnoticed. (Really???) The way the baby godzillas were completely unaffected by bullets was pretty dreadful too. (I mean even if we saw the bullets just bounce off them, that would have been fine! Did the special effects budget run out? Seriously!)

  3. Godzilla gets my vote. I understand wanting to tag onto the original film’s iconic status and update the film, but what we have here is not a Godzilla remake, but a Beast from 20,000 Fathoms remake – and a failed one at that. Plus, submarines in the fricking East River? Really?

  4. I voted for Psycho since it’s not only bad but the laziest of the bunch being done shot-for-shot the same as the original. Godzilla would be bad no matter what but only because so awesomely bad due to being called “Godzilla.” If they had called it something else it would have been quickly forgotten as some crappy monster movie – I doubt, had the name Godzilla never been attached to it, that anyone would have thought it was supposed to be Godzilla.

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