Coming Soon-Ish: Bad Drugs, Zombie Romances, and Dustin Hoffman Directs . . .

Side Effects

I like a few Steven Soderbergh movies, and this has a decent cast, but it would be pretty hard for me to be less interested in this film. (Maybe if there was an inspirational speech by a football coach in there somewhere.) Some conspiracy stories are good, but a lot of them get on my nerves — they can be so damn ridiculous — and I do not go for the “am I going crazy” plot at all. Kind of can’t stand it, actually. Pass.


I wish I could be interested in this . . . I like both Maggie Smith and Michael Gambon a great deal, and I’m curious to see what a movie directed by Dustin Hoffman looks like . . . but there’s something about the ridiculous convenience of this plot that really puts me off. I’d probably watch this before Side Effects, but I wouldn’t expect much from it.

Bullet to the Head

With the success of The Expendables, there seems to be a resurgence of old school action flicks which should make me happy . . . it just doesn’t, at least, not here. Part of the problem is my almost complete inability to take Sylvester Stallone seriously. Then there’s the kung fu homeland joke that — come on — was old ten years ago. And it looks like Christian Slater is in it . . . so, okay, that’s probably a bad sign too.

Jason Momoa, you were AWESOME in Game of Thrones. For the love of God, pick better action movies.

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters

This is the second trailer I’m posting for this movie, but while it still looks bad — mightily, mightily bad — it also looks a lot more intentionally cheesy and ridiculous than it did the first time around. (Which could make sense when you realize that the director, Tommy Wirkola, is most famous for making a movie about Nazi zombies.)

It’s also a red-band trailer, which gave me a brief hope that this was a Rated R movie chock full of violence and gore, but alas. IMDB says it’s only PG-13.

More’s the pity. I suspect the gore will be the best part.

And finally . . . Warm Bodies.

Youtube is currently failing me, so I can’t embed a trailer — which is annoying because this is easily the best looking trailer I’ve seen all week. But you can click on the link and watch it at /Film.

I haven’t gotten around to reading Warm Bodies yet, but the movie looks like a lot of fun. I keep seeing reviews and comments asking if Warm Bodies is going to be the next Twilight, and I’m like . . . um. Probably not. Warm Bodies appears to have a sense of humor. (Also, it’s directed by Jonathan Levine, who did 50/50, which I enjoyed a lot. I was wondering what he’d do next. This . . . probably wasn’t what I would have guessed.)

This may be the first quasi-romantic movie I’ve ever considered going to see on Valentine’s Day.

3 thoughts on “Coming Soon-Ish: Bad Drugs, Zombie Romances, and Dustin Hoffman Directs . . .

  1. Wow, “Warm Bodies” looks great. I wasn’t keen on 50/50 at all, but I think my biggest problem was that I didn’t think Seth Rogen was funny. Nicholas Hoult is great and is clearly doing a fantastic job with this role.

  2. PG-13 does seem like a weird choice for Hansel and Gretel. Isn’t half the fun of these movies supposed to be how violent and extreme (yet silly) they are?

    Damnit, I thought Lizzy Caplan was going to be in Warm Bodies, and now it turns out she isn’t. Still, I like John Malkovich, Nicholas Hoult, and Theresa Palmer, and although I haven’t seen 50/50 yet, I’d be interested in watching something else from the guy who made All The Boys Love Mandy Lane. And it looks pretty good. I’m iffy on what I saw of the love story, but I loved the narration and humour.

  3. Didn’t watch all the trailers before. Just came back to watch the ones I didn’t check earlier. Turns out I’ve actually seen “Quartet” before. It was a simple but effective stageplay and it looks like they’ve added a lot of extra stuff to it. That trailer is dreadful though. It gives me the impression (perhaps wrongly) that they’ve completely failed to capture the heart of the original play.

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