The Golden Globe Nominations Are Up . . .

. . . so prepare for the bitchfest.

You know what? I’ll let go of Justified today. I’ll let go of Community too — I mean, not seriously, not in my heart, but this show is never going to get an award, even if I keep desperately praying/sacrificing small animals for it. But seriously — Game of Thrones got shut out of every TV category? Seriously?


Dany says, “WTF, Golden Globes?”

Did you people watch the second season of Game of Thrones? Lena Headey deserves a nomination for “Blackwater” alone. Also: Peter Dinklage, Maisie Williams, and Charles Dance — all excellent. I know there’s a lot of competition on TV right now, but the fact that GoT was completely ignored is totally ridiculous.

(Also, I don’t watch Smash, so I can’t legitimately complain about its nomination, but everything I’ve ever heard about it says that it’s a terrible show, despite the presence of the ever-awesome Anjelica Houston. Has anyone else seen Smash? Do you think it deserves a nod, or did it just get nominated for Best Musical/Comedy because it’s one of the only musicals on TV?)

As far as movies go — well, I haven’t seen a single one of them yet, nor am I very interested in most of them. (I will see Django Unchained when it comes out in theaters this month, and I am at least somewhat interested in Argo, The Sessions, Moonrise Kingdom, and Silver Linings Playbook — but who knows when I’ll actually watch them. I still have very little to no interest in Lincoln, Life of Pi, Zero Dark Thirty, Flight, Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, The Master, Les Miserables, etc. Anyway, no serious complaints about these nominations — not yet, anyway.)

The Golden Globes air on January 13th, 2013. I expect I am still one of the few people who enjoys watching award season, despite my mini-nervous breakdowns over all the various snubs.

7 thoughts on “The Golden Globe Nominations Are Up . . .

  1. But seriously – Game of Thrones got shut out of every TV category? Seriously?

    Well, to be fair it is a very bad show. That could be why.

      • Yes, there I am again. You don’t really want to be one of those people who erase comments they don’t like from their blog.

        No, I’m not wrong. Game of Thrones has people in it who are good actors but their acting is not good here. Take Peter Dinklage. Very good in everything else he’s been in, especially The Station Agent, but terrible here. Partly it’s the material as the character has been changed alot. (That’s a problem with the series in general – too much departure from the books, especially in adding grotesquely gratutious sex scenes.) Similar to how Gimli was made into a clown in the movie version of The Lord of the Rings, Tyrion has become that for GoT. Even Charles Dance can’t do much with what he’s been given. He could have been awesome. He’s one of the few who is pretty much spot on to the character in the novels. And, yes, I’ve loved the books, or at least the first three, but they’ve just been changed too much. An even more obvious example of that is Joffrey. Another big part of it is how they try to add in as much gratuitious nudity as possible, mistakenly believing – due to a lack of understand how better shows have done it – that this, like gratuitious violence, is “HBO” and its inclusion will automatically make it better. Nudity and sex, like violence, only work when used properly. Then there’s the production design, which is barely a cut above the Xena and Hercules shows. No, sorry, but it is not a good show.

        • Yes, there I am again. You don’t really want to be one of those people who erase comments they don’t like from their blog.

          . . . um, I didn’t. Your comment is still on the wrong post, as is my response.

          Then there’s the production design, which is barely a cut above the Xena and Hercules shows. No, sorry, but it is not a good show.

          Okay, seriously, are you trolling me right now? I mean, don’t get me wrong — I disagree on almost everything you just said, but I could (somehow) come to accept that you think the acting in this show has been subpar, and I get where you’re coming from on the changes from book to television show (although most of the changes I’ve understood or even liked, with a few notable exceptions), and I understood that a lot of people hate the sex scenes which, in some cases, I even agree are gratuitous . . . but that you can only see the barest of distinctions between the production design of Game of Thrones and shows like Xena and Hercules? I . . . don’t even quite know what to say to that. It’s like we’re watching two different shows entirely. So agree to vehemently disagree, I guess, because if you think those shows are of a similar quality in regards to they way they look, I don’t know that I can take your opinions about art direction, cinematography, or really kind of film aesthetic particularly seriously.

      • . . . um, I didn’t. Your comment is still on the wrong post, as is my response.

        Okay, that explains it. Don’t start off with “um,” though. While I wouldn’t say I come anywhere close to accepting anything tells me, I did agree with what Luke McKinney said about that

        Okay, seriously, are you trolling me right now?

        How am I doing that? I gave reasons to back up my opinion. I didn’t expect you to be convinced but just the act of disagreeing isn’t trolling. Nor is accidentally posting on the wrong thread and thinking the comment had been removed. So, of course, not having realized I posted on the wrong thread I never saw your reply.

        I . . . don’t even quite know what to say to that.

        Just a suggestion but you could always defend what you believe are the reasons the art direction isn’t crap. The intent was to say that the sets looked like cheap, and while they’re not actually quite as bad as Xena or Hercules they don’t feel authentic but have, if you prefer (you probably won’t), a kind of Renaissance Fair or SCA quality to them – i.e. not quite authentic and with a kind of parade ground feel. Or in some ways a soap opera feel. While it’s a fantasy and not a medieval history it has in common with a show like Tudors of feeling less than authentic, although that’s not completely fair because a show set in a real historical time has a far greater responsibility to accuracy. Despite being a fantasy, though, GoT is set in a medieval like world only with a bit of magic and dragons and a lot of other usual fantasy stuff but things like the armor, weapons, the castles, the way the people looked, the way that even the aristocracy would not, to our eyes, have looked very good. There was a series hosted by Tony Robinson called The Worst Jobs in History. One of them was about the people, not just the squire but all the other people, who got a knight ready for battle. One interesting thing was that, once fully in armor, he couldn’t get out of it to take a leak or worse. That’s the kind of thing I’m talking about it if I haven’t made my point already. To quote Sick Boy, “beautifully fucking illustrated.”

        if you think those shows are of a similar quality in regards to they way they look

        Just in case I haven’t been clear on this, what I meant was that they share a cheap, fake kind of look, something fantasy often has of not getting the dirty details right, making everything too clean and movie-set-like.

        the acting in this show has been subpar

        To be fair it could have improved as I stopped watching halfway through the first season, but it’s not likely. Peter Dinklage is a good actor, but is still not good in this. I could almost believe he was Fin in The Station Agent, but all the suspension of disbelief in the world couldn’t let me think he was Tyrion Lannister. Partly it may just be miscasting. Tyrion is described as being ugly, and Peter Dinklage obviously insn’t. Speaking of miscasting, even such a harcore pro GoT fan as you can’t deny that Mark Addy was miscast as Robert Baratheon. He’s way too short and lacked the appearance of a muscular man gone to fat. I’ve seen guys like that, they look a bit like Olympic weightlifters, not roly-poly like the Pillsbury Doughboy. (And, as with Dinklage, not a bad actor. He was great in The Full Monty.)

  2. The only thing I dislike about the GoT miniseries is that it often looks too clean. In the books you get a sense of how gross medieval life was even for the aristocracy but often this doesn’t come across on TV. For example the scene where what’s-his-name has his head chopped off instead of getting sent to the Wall. Everything just looks too clean and SCA-like. However, the acting I agree is for the most part superb. I especially like Charles Dance. (I just recently saw him in Starter for 10 where he makes only a brief, but memorable, cameo.) He’s pretty much exactly like I pictured Tywin.

    Some of the weaknesses are shared by the books. In reality people like the Dothraki would be smaller and ride smaller horses, like the Mongols. And I can kind see the point about the armor – it does seem more like the post-gunpowder era where it was just for show, it doesn’t have that “Terminator” quality that the real stuff for war does. At least, usually not.

    All that said the strengths far outweigh the weaknesses. I wonder what will happen, though, if GRRM doesn’t get a move on and finish the book series.

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