The Poll of DOOM!

[NOTE: This Monday Morning Blasphemous Poll is neither blasphemous nor being posted on a Monday. Because on this blog, I . . . am . . . GOD!]

[Additional Note: The previous note’s statement about the nature of my divinity would carry a lot more weight if this entire poll wasn’t about punishing me for my made-up sins and silly failures.]

Well, I set myself a few challenges this year, and while I completed some of them, I failed — miserably — at others. For various reasons, I came nowhereย near watching and reviewing all the 24 horror movies I assigned myself . . . and so I must pay penance.

The nature of that penance, to an extent, is up to you.

I have a list of eight films. These films are widely considered to be some of the worst movies ever made. I have never seen any of them because even my love for shitty movies only goes so far . . . until now.

Sometime before March 2013, I will watch and review one of these movies. The question is: which one do you want to read a review/total snarkfest of?

This poll will be open one week and one day. I will likely post the results December 27th.

[Final Note: Please be merciful. For the love of God, HAVE MERCY!]

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14 Responses to The Poll of DOOM!

  1. Teacups says:

    Showgirls! It brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “torture porn.”

  2. sooldman says:

    one of the WORST things one can experience as a sci-fi /sy-fy lover is to expect much and experience YECHhh instead…Battlefield could have been BRILLIANT!!!…instead it was dump-city…I almost did not do this to you Daughter Dear but you asked for it and whoamitonotaccedetoyourwishes…love, Papa

  3. sooldman says:

    unfortunately the machine did not register the totally BRILLIANT remards I made concerning this movie so I am forced to rerespond…or is that CARMA (no k…looks more ‘merican this way!)…this makes only slightly more sense than this movie but the pain involved in viewing it is treeeemendus…here’s your whip…and your sign…love, Papa

    • Oh, don’t worry. Your brilliance was registered ๐Ÿ™‚ It just didn’t pop up right away because if it’s your first time commenting, or if you haven’t written in a while, Word Press usually holds the comments until I manually approve them. It’s a way of catching the crap that makes it past the spam filters.

      Yeah, BE looks pretty terrible. Never seen a positive review for it once. Not even a “it was half-okay” review for it. We’ll see, though. It’s got some steep competition on this list.

  4. Alyc says:

    Jaws, because I know your feelings on sharks. And you know mine.

    • Yes, I do. If I end up having to watch this movie, and the vengeful shark – while trailing its prey – actually finds its way into a pool, I am forever dedicating that scene to you. It will be in my review as such: The Alyc Helms Scene of Total Insanity! Bonus points if the shark actually eats someone ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Dave says:

    Kaci says those all sound too fun and you should watch the Peewe movie instaid.

  6. sooldman says:


  7. Robert says:

    I’m a little dissapointed we can only vote for one really, am also very surprised that my vote is the only one for what has been classed ad the worst film. Ever.

    Honestly, I think you should do them all ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. 10toinfinity says:

    Not much love for Robot Monster so far. “We Ro-Mans obtain our strength from the planet Ro-Man, relayed from individual energizers.”

  9. Susan says:

    No way in hell would I put you through Troll 2!! I voted for something shitty, but reallllllly entertaining.

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