Coming Soon-Ish: Hitmen, Hypnotists, and Halle Berry . . .

The East

This looks interesting. Well, it looks sort of interesting: I like Ellen Page and Alexander Skarsgard a lot, and I could potentially be into this whole anarchist terrorist organization thing they’re working for and what they’re willing to do in order to achieve their goals. (Also, I hope they stand next to each other, like, all the time, considering Skarsgard is well over a foot taller than Page.)

I’m considerably less interested in the “undercover agent falling in love with the charismatic leader” storyline, though, which unfortunately is mentioned in a few different plot synopses. Dammit.

At Any Price

Wow, I have absolutely no interest in this. At all. I’m not usually lining up at the theaters for Dennis Quaid and Zac Efron anyway, but super unlikable dad + equally unlikable son + some crisis/conspiracy + the American heartland . . . it’s not doing much for me. And I’m usually a sucker for father/son stories, too, but I watch this trailer and I think, Wow. I’m going to wish for every one of these characters dead in under ten minutes. Pass.

The Iceman

All right, let’s be honest. I wouldn’t even be remotely interested in this if I wasn’t amused by the idea of Captain America playing a long-haired hitman. (I really like Chris Evans, and I wish he would be in more things I was interested in — outside of Marvel movies, of course. I mean, I like those.)

I feel like I should see more of Michael Shannon’s work, but the retired killer storyline isn’t really my favorite thing in the world, and you know how I instantly start to zone when the words “Based On A True Story” appear on the screen. I probably won’t watch it, at least not any time soon, but I’d still pick it over At Any Price in a heartbeat.

The Call

Shit, I barely even recognized Abigail Breslin with the bleach blonde hair. Unfortunately, I recognized Halle Berry just fine. (The actress just irks me. I can’t help it.)

This is kind of interesting — I’ve always thought the story about a 911 responder or police dispatcher could be really cool — but I have this feeling it’s going to get super ridiculous super fast. Plus, I think I’d like it better if the bad guy wasn’t the same guy from the first act. It just feels so contrived. You could still tell a good, redemptive story with a completely different maniac.

And finally . . . Trance

You know trailers have been looking grim when the protagonist-may-be-going-crazy-and-how-much-of-this-is-really-happening story is the one I’m the most interested in seeing.

Still, I generally like Danny Boyle, and I like this cast, and this actually looks fun — as opposed to Super Dark and Mind-Boggling and Twisty, Oh So Twisty. (Super dark, mind-boggling stories with multiple twists can be good, of course . . . they’re just so much harder to do right, and I don’t usually waste my own money to see them. This does look dark but also bouncy, which is a combination I generally like.)

I still probably wouldn’t rush to theaters for this one, but I could see it at some point.

2 thoughts on “Coming Soon-Ish: Hitmen, Hypnotists, and Halle Berry . . .

  1. As far as Michael Shannon movies go, he was really excellent in a thriller called Bug. It does have some are-they-crazy-or-is-this-really-happening going on, although I think it was a mild case. The answer becomes increasingly clear pretty early on compared to most of these movies. I would only consider it to be a mild spoiler.

    Wow, The Call does look incredibly silly. Is she going to end up tracking down the serial killer, storming in and trying to rescue the kid herself? Or ending up being forced into a physical confrontation with him for some really contrived reason? I’m getting a feeling they might not be able to resist doing something like that.

  2. Heya! Very late comment, but with good reason.

    On a recent cinema trip I saw the trailer for trance. Asides from possibly “28 Weeks Later” (I still have a few qualms with that one, but I love the direction it went with the zombie genre), I haven’t really liked any of Boyle’s movies since “Trainspotting”.

    However, I’m interested in “Trance” because it is actually a remake of a tv-movie by a writer/director I respect very much called Joe Ahearne. Joe Ahearne started out writing and directing episodes for the hugely successful tv series “This Life”, then created his own very cool tv series about vampires called “Ultraviolet”. More recently he has been directing episodes of Doctor Who and he made a cruelly underrated series about a surprisingly liberal Catholic exorcist called “Apparitions” (which perhaps took Catholic theology in a more bizarre direction than most people were ready for, what with Ahearne being an atheist himself).

    I plan to watch Joe Ahearne’s original tv movie of “Trance” fairly soon, so be on the look out for my review! I’ll be interested to see whether Danny Boyle’s adaptation for the silver screen with its bigger stars, greater resources and higher budget manages to be an improvement on the original.

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