Professional Sale!

Today comes with excellent news: I sold my short story, “This Villain You Must Create,” to acclaimed fantasy and science-fiction magazine Lightspeed!

I am SO DAMN HAPPY right now. I tried to take a picture of my happy face, just to share with you all, but my smile is too ridiculously large, and I look quite frightening. I don’t want you to run away and never come back, so no photo.

This is actually not my first professional sale — I sold a 100-word story to Weird Tales, and they made a pretty awesome video out of it with nothing but my text and a great, spooky audio. (If you’re interested, the link to that video is under my Works Published tab.) But as awesome as that was, I’ve really been aching to publish a full-length short story, especially since I graduated from Clarion West this summer with so many wonderful, talented writers.

And now I have, and in Lightspeed no less. It’s an awesome magazine, and if you haven’t read it before, I highly recommend checking it out. Especially, you know, when I’M there. That probably won’t be for some time, but I assure you, I’ll be linking the hell out of it when my story’s up.

This is a good day, people. This is the kind of day that calls for champagne, except I don’t like champagne. I’ll have to manage with ridiculous amounts of chocolate instead.

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