Today’s How It Should Have Ended . . .

I had hoped to post a new review today, but between the Ongoing Sinus Headache of DOOM and the fact that I’ve been awake for approximately 25 hours and counting . . . yeah, my concentration is a bit shot.

Basically, this means that instead of doing anything productive, I’ve been playing on youtube and watching a lot of HISHE videos. Today’s random recommendation?

I think Return of the Jedi and Scream are still my favorites, but this one made me laugh, particularly, “Try every girl you’ve ever dated.” Because sweet Jesus, it’s SO TRUE.

Possibly a review tomorrow. We’ll see. I might get up to crazy hijinks instead. Like packing. Or picking up meds. Or watching more youtube videos.

4 thoughts on “Today’s How It Should Have Ended . . .

  1. That was awesome. I especially liked the bit about revealing his secret identity. Reminded me of this exchange between Abed and Troy:

    Abed: “Are you Superman?”
    Troy: “No”
    Abed: “Would you tell me if you were?”
    Troy: “I’d tell everyone. I never understood why he cared who knew.”

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