Coming Soon-Ish: Stephen King, More Stephen King, Ghosts, and Ryan Gosling . . .


I posted a teaser trailer before, but this is the first full-length trailer for Carrie, and . . . I’m kind of interested, despite myself. I still don’t think I’ll see it in theaters, but I’m definitely more intrigued than I was yesterday. Maybe I should reread the book. I think the last time I read Carrie was in middle school.

If you’ve somehow gone your whole life without knowing what happens in Carrie (doubtful), don’t watch this trailer. It basically shows you the whole movie.

Only God Forgives 

This red-band trailer tells you virtually nothing about the plot, yet I’m kind of sold, regardless. The visuals are exquisite — I’m loving all the reds and yellows — and combined with the creepy music and Kristin Scott Thomas’s opening VO . . . the overall effect is a little disturbing in an awesome way. I could watch this trailer over and over for some time, I think.

Only God Forgives is the second collaboration between Ryan Gosling and Nicolas Winding Refn. I’ve really got to watch Drive someday.

You’re Next

This . . . also looks disturbing, albeit in a slightly different way. A nice little family reunion at this house — I can’t really call it a cabin — in the woods is interrupted by some scary people with crossbows and creepy animal masks. Violence ensues.

I could try this.

The Conjuring

Hm. Well, on one hand, this actually looks kind of creepy. I like both Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga a whole lot, and they look so beautifully 70’s, the both of them. Also, I have to be amused that Lili Taylor — who was in the remake of The Haunting — is in this.

On the other hand, nothing makes me less interested in a movie than the label “based on a true story” being slapped upon it. And I’m a little tired of paranormal investigators right now. So, I don’t know. It’s a maybe.

Finally . . . Under the Dome

This is just a teeny-tiny, twenty second promo for a TV show, but start with Stephen King, end with Stephen King, right? I haven’t read Under the Dome yet — there are so many books I want to read, and it’s SO LONG — but it’s got a really interesting premise, so I know I’ll get to it eventually.

And despite how problematic SK adaptations can be, I’m sort of looking forward to this. I don’t know if it will be any good, but hey, a girl can dream.

2 thoughts on “Coming Soon-Ish: Stephen King, More Stephen King, Ghosts, and Ryan Gosling . . .

  1. You’re Next sort of reminds me of The Strangers, with the masks, axe, house in the middle of nowhere, and musical dissonance. You can even see it in the trailer.

    Not that I mind – all of that, and the general premise, are far too generic to be crying “ripoff!” And The Strangers wasn’t that good a movie, anyway. It’d be nice to see a (hopefully) better version of the same premise.

    The Conjuring looks okay. and Insidious was good enough that I’d be up for watching another ghost story by the same people, so I guess I’ll see it.

    • You know, I thought that too, although I haven’t actually seen The Strangers yet. I always figured I’d give it a try sometime, particularly because I like Scott Speedman, but I already know how it ends, so . . . I don’t know. My interest is kind of limited. I’ll probably watch You’re Next, instead.

      I never saw Insidious, either. Most critics loved it, but one of my friends hated it so much. It was actually kind of funny, how much she hated it. I suppose I’ll get around to that one too.

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