Here You Go, Mr. Swayze!

Since watching Road House for the very first time, I’ve been thinking more about the late Patrick Swayze, and I decided to make a poll in his honor. (Also, I’m probably not writing a lot this week — I’m getting my wisdom teeth taken out instead, fun times! — so I wanted to post something quick and easy.)

With all that said . . .

Okay, so North and South isn’t actually a movie, but it was such a big deal miniseries in the 80’s that I decided it counted. Also, I tried to focus on movies where Swayze was a lead, not minor/supporting, so I already took out my actual favorite of his work: Donnie Darko. (Well, I guess he isn’t a main lead in The Outsiders either . . . oh, fuck it. The choices are the choices. Deal with it.)

Per usual rules, the poll will be up one week for you lazy, straggler voters. And only one vote per person, please, or else I’ll be forced to unleash Frank the Bunny on you.

frank the bunny

Fear him, for his wrath is mighty and may smell like carrots.

9 thoughts on “Here You Go, Mr. Swayze!

    • I would never call it sad, trust me. I’ve watched far, far worse movies than these, and besides, some of these movies I really like. I’ve probably only seen about half the films on this poll, myself. I did watch a little of North and South, but years after it aired, and I couldn’t get through it. I think I might have liked it more if I’d been younger while watching it, though.

  1. OK since my wonderful daughter chooses to air my personal comments in this forum instead of my reply to her posting I will offer this…1) how easy to say this but it is TOTALLY unfair to Mr. Swayzee (yeh, I know but I HAD TOO…)..AS A RETIRED SOCIAL SERVICES WORKER and a retired dude altogether I want to note these quick things…in ghost he was overshadowed by Woopie but his ghost persona was toooooo coooool…in Red Dawn he was a bit over the top but how sedate could you play a kid fighting the ENEMY…in that movie about being a bouncer he is the EPITOMEEEEEE of a bouncer….but…what for it….in Julie Mooooon he was the best actor in the house…so,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


    • Papa, I honestly have no idea what you’re talking about. I haven’t posted anything on this blog that you’ve sent to me privately. I did respond to a comment that you wrote about Tom Cruise, but the comment you left wasn’t private, so my response wasn’t either. Any comment you make on the blog directly (instead of, say, sending me an email directly) can be seen by everyone.

      As far as Patrick Swayze, I don’t think he was a great actor, but he was an enjoyable one. I do like him in Ghost. I found him . . . well, more funny than anything in Road House. Is Julie Moon a reference to To Wong Foo Thanks For Everything, Julie Newmar? Cause I haven’t actually seen that one yet.

      Oh, and you asked about it in an earlier comment on this post — I’m getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow. They’ve been causing me some headaches, and some are impacted and have cavities and all sorts of fun stuff, so I’m getting them yanked.

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