“Oh, You Wouldn’t Know Them, Darling. They’re Respectable.”

Mek and I liked The Thin Man so much, we decided to watch the sequel. The second of five sequels, actually: After the Thin Man.

This is a Baby Review, and be forewarned: there will be SPOILERS throughout.

1. The world is sexist, even for dogs. Why else does Asta accompany Nick and Nora everywhere, while Mrs. Asta has to stay at home with the puppies all the time? Mrs. Asta doesn’t even get to sleep indoors like her shaggy husband. If I were Mrs. Asta, I would be having an affair with the other neighborhood dogs too.

2. Also, why is it that almost every woman from the 1920’s or 30’s sounds like either Judy Garland or Lina Lamont from Singin’ in the Rain? (Yes, yes, Singin’ in the Rain was made in the 50’s, but it takes place in the 20’s.) I wonder if people in 2080 will think all of the actresses today sound like Drew Barrymore or Paris Hilton.

3. After The Thin Man was actually Mek’s pick, so I was especially delighted at her misery when James Stewart showed up in it.

James Stewart is only 28 years old in this movie, which is such a trip to see. Also, he plays the bad guy. I have seen Jimmy Stewart play an asshole before, but I have never seen him play a bad guy. It was kind of awesome, actually.

And yeah. Mek and I totally called it.

4. You might be curious about who takes down Jimmy Stewart. Well, maybe you’re not, but I’ll tell you anyway: Oddjob.

Okay, it’s not Oddjob. It’s Lum Kee (William Law) who–and I shit you not–disarms and knocks down Stewart by tossing his hat at him.

It is one of the more ridiculous things I’ve ever seen on film.

5. Selma (Elissa Landi) might be going on the list of Most Useless Cinematic Females ever.

Also, I’m amused at how a-okay she is at the end of the film, considering that her terrible, adulterous husband was murdered by the ex-boyfriend who was pretending to love her but had actually tried to frame her for the whole thing. But, you know, whatevs. Let’s just get another drink and have a good chuckle on the train.

6. At the very end of the movie, we find out that Nick and Nora are going to have a baby. I’m curious: you think that baby will bottle-feed or just drink baby-sized martinis?


Enjoyable sequel, although I didn’t like it quite as much as the first one. Bit of a slower start, I think.


Um. Let’s go with Jimmy Stewart. Just cause it was fun seeing him as a bad guy.




Well, if I’m going by Selma’s example . . . don’t trust men? I mean, Jesus.

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