Week Three: Clarion West Write-a-Thon Report

Tentative Project Title: The Judge of Fools Abandon
Current Word Count: 6824
Goal Met? Not yet.

This week’s progress has been a little slower than I’d like, but it’s getting there. I have less than 800 words to go now, and tonight and tomorrow to finish up, so I’m pretty sure it’ll get done. Right now I’m still resisting the urge to go back and edit every other word, particularly because I just had two characters discuss something they probably should have talked about ten pages ago. Unfortunately, I didn’t think of it ten pages ago, and I can’t just slide it in now without completely rewriting half the story. It’s okay, though — logic is for the second draft. The first draft is about instinct! Art! Spontaneous bursts of pure creativity!

This is why I hate the first draft. Spontaneity sucks. I’m good at notes.

I’m also good at procrastinating. I’ve been working on a playlist for this particular story — which I don’t always do, but hey, it’s basically trendy these days, right, and who doesn’t like music? (Some people, I guess. What is that? I don’t even get it, honestly.) I don’t have all my songs nailed down quite yet, but I was screwing around on youtube the other day, and I found that someone had edited together this really cool video set to Jen Titus’s cover of “O Death”. (That song, by the way? Almost certainly on the playlist.)

Then I realized that all the images in the video came from an animated short film called “The Backwater Gospel,” which I’ve decided to post here . . . not because it has very much to do with my story — other than genre — but simply because it’s an awesome short film and well worth a watch.

Oh, animated violence. How I never get tired of you.

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