Week Four: Clarion West Write-a-Thon Report

Tentative Project Title: The Judge of Fools Abandon
Alternative and Considerably Less Literal Project Title: Knock, And I Will Answer
Current Word Count: 9700
Goal Met: Yes

The project continues to progress in its uneven, “Why couldn’t you think of that awesome idea fifteen pages ago,” sort of way. Regardless, I think that I might finish the horrifically messy first draft of this novelette by the end of next week. Which is exciting news, mostly because it means I can finally buy myself some songs on iTunes. (I made myself an incentive program. It kind of works.)

Speaking of music — sort of — I figured I’d go ahead post the songs I’ve been primarily listening to as I work on “The Judge of Fools Abandon/Knock, And I Will Answer.” Cause why not?

(FYI: Some of the links are actual music videos; some are fan videos; and some are just lyric videos. Also #3 — and possibly others — are probably NSFW.)

1. O Death – Jen Titus
2. Beat the Devil’s Tattoo – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
3. Sacrilege – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
4. Bottom of the River – Delta Rae
5. Strange Fruit – Billie Holiday
6. O Children – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
7. 9 Crimes – Damien Rice
8. Set the Fire to the Third Bar – Snow Patrol feat. Martha Wainwright
9. The Humbling River – Puscifer
10. Abraham’s Daughter – Arcade Fire
11. It Doesn’t Matter – Alison Krause & Union Station
12. Gold Dust Woman – Fleetwood Mac
13. God’s Gonna Cut You Down – Johnny Cash

You know what could possibly be an awesome exercise? To have a group of writers listen to someone’s preselected playlist a few times and each write a story based on whatever inspirations/images/feelings/ideas they draw from that music.

Hmm. I kind of want to try that now. Though pity the group that gets stuck listening to Yanni or something equally terrifying. *Ducks all the Yanni groupies.*

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