Week Five: Clarion West Write-a-Thon Report

Tentative Project Title: The Judge of Fools Abandon
Alternative and Considerably Less Literal Project Title: Knock, And I Will Answer
Current Word Count: 13,038
Goal Met: Yes
Story Draft Completed: Yes

The story is DONE. Okay, the first draft is done, and it’s a pretty shaky first draft, the kind I wouldn’t let anyone see ever. Nonetheless, it’s finished and I am happy.

I need a break between drafts, though — I edit better at a distance — so I’m going to put Judge/Knock aside for now and focus on my next project, which some of you may have voted on. For our new players — because I just assume people are finding this blog every day and saying things like, “Fabulous!” and “I love this Carlie girl!” — I had the idea for four different mysteries, and anyone who donated five dollars to my Write-a-Thon efforts got to vote on which mystery I would work on next.

We still have a week left in the Write-a-Thon, but due to one particularly generous and awesome sponsor, I’ve known for a while what story I’ll be writing, and that is Story A, my contemporary fantasy noir. The basic synopsis again:

Unknown to most people, Deacon Detective Agency is actually run by partners: Dodd, the ghost of a homicide detective, does all the actual investigating, whereas Deacon, an actor who can see ghosts, plays the role of P.I. for their unsuspecting clients.

I expect to wear one of my six different fedoras at all times while writing this story.

In other news, I’m going on vacation next week somewhere far, far away where there will — sob — be no internet connection. Thus, you will see no activity at all on MGB for a little while. But — always assuming that I’m not eaten by bears — I’ll be back, promise.

2 thoughts on “Week Five: Clarion West Write-a-Thon Report

  1. Congratulations, sounds like you’re making some excellent progress. You have a lot of original ideas and I like how dedicated you seem to be, it takes a lot to get these things off the ground. And yeah, I work much better from a distance as well, which… can happen repeatedly. Write, breathe, revise, breathe, revise again, and so on. Usually four or five times. Ten, in the case of my novel. Anyways, best of luck to you, it sounds like you have quite a lot of interesting projects planned.

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