10 Awesome Batman Fan Videos

Awhile ago — like years ago — I posted a collection of a bunch of Star Wars fan videos I enjoyed. I figured it was probably about time to do the same for Batman. Cause, you know. BATMAN.

How the Dark Knight Should Have Ended

These are always fun. HISHE also has vids for Batman Begins and The Dark Knight Rises, but this one’s easily my favorite. I think the best part is when Rachel asks Batman if he’s going to go back up to the party and try to stop the Joker, and Batman’s like, “Nah.”

Well, that, and actually running over the Joker. That would have been AWESOME.

Batman: Death Wish

It’s not perfect — I’m not crazy about Batman, and I actively can’t stand Poison Ivy — but this is kind of a fun story with a bunch of different characters from the Batman universe. The writing is frankly better than the acting in this vid, although I do love the girl who plays Harley Quinn. She’s a lot of fun.

The Dark Knight Legacy

This one is pretty awesome. The story takes place a year after the events of The Dark Knight Rises and introduces Jason Todd among others in a post-Bruce-Wayne Gotham. This is actually not a bad premise for a sequel to Christopher Nolan’s trilogy, and I’d really like to see a followup to this vid.

Arkham Rising

This is a fairly short “deleted scene” fanvid of Bane releasing the inmates during The Dark Knight Rising. While I wish there was more of an actual story, it’s pretty cool for the length, and it’s kind of enjoyable for Batman fans for the hints/cameos, especially of the lesser known villains.

A Gotham Fairytale

This is a Batman bedtime story made up of over 200 illustrations and set to “Knights of Cydonia.” So, that’s kind of awesome. As far as story goes, I kind of wish we got to see a few more tricks up Joker’s sleeve, but I enjoyed this a lot regardless. The artwork is excellent, and I can really see the influence of Batman: The Animated Series here. Which, in my book, is never a bad thing.

Grayson: Earth One

Dude, this series premiere — and only episode to date — is insane. It’s mostly centered around Dick Grayson, only Bruce Wayne apparently never adopted him, so Dick became, like, a badass, angsty goth musician? Seriously, he clearly idolizes Eric Draven.

I wouldn’t mind watching more of this, if they ever actually end up continuing the series. I’m kind of obsessed with sidekicks, particularly our very first Robin, so how can I resist a story where they make him sing and give him black nailpolish? I mean, seriously. It’s like someone made a crack AU video just for me. And we’ve got a handful of other female players like Barbara Gordon, Carrie Kelley, and one woman who I’m assuming is Helena Bertinelli? (Helena’s okay — anyway, I like her better here than how she’s portrayed on Arrow — but it’s Barbara who’s clearly the best. I would definitely watch more of this Barbara Gordon.)

And speaking of Batgirl . . .

BATGIRL: SPOILED – Episode One, “Blindside”

Batgirl spends half of this video bitching, but she has some decently funny lines, and I kind of enjoy watching her and Oracle roll their eyes at one another. Also, this series actually has more than one episode in it, which means — if you do like it — you can keep watching to see where the story goes. Yay! Continuation happy dance!

On the downside, the stage fighting is kind of bad. And when I say kind of bad, I mean, like, really bad. I’m going to overlook it for a little while, at least long enough to watch the second episode and see how it goes, but . . . man. Even for amateur hour, these fight scenes . . . they’re not good.

Gotham High

This is a fake trailer with snippets of movies like 10 Things I Hate About You and The Princess Diaries mashed together, and it’s pretty fun. Getting clips of all the stars in their younger years is pretty clever — apparently only young Aaron Eckhart was too hard to find, as he had very few credits to his name before the age of 30.

I’m saying, if there actually was a movie called Gotham High . . . yeah, I’d totally watch it.

Batman: Puppet Master

This is one of the better fan films I’ve ever seen. The production quality is fairly excellent. It’s set in the Nolan universe sometime after The Dark Knight, and it features Victor Zsasz, The Riddler, and Scarface. The guy who plays the Riddler clearly has a little Cillian Murphy in him, so quite naturally I liked him immediately and would like to see more fan films featuring him. Batman himself has these wide, wounded eyes that don’t quite work for me, but he’s doing a decent enough Bale impression. I hope more films are made.

And finally . . . City of Scars

Again, the production quality is just ridiculous on this one, totally phenomenal. It’s the longest fan video in the list. Nearly half an hour, and it goes by quick. There are things I’m not crazy about, though. The Joker and Harley Quinn aren’t quite hitting right for me, for some reason, and I think Batman monologues a little too much in the beginning. But I really like the story arc and how it concludes. Also, this line: “Gotham is sick of Batman’s conscience.”

I wish like hell I had written that line.

4 thoughts on “10 Awesome Batman Fan Videos

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  2. I watched about half of the Batgirl one, and I really like the idea of of a snarky superhero semi-parody thing where the hero’s kind of a whiny dick who doesn’t really like supering so much as beating up random mooks. And I thought a lot of the dialogue was pretty funny in theory. Buuuut, I just don’t feel that the actress is selling it, and while I understand that it’s a fan film, it’s harder to look past than the bad fighting.

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