And The 2014 Challenge Will Be . . .

Despite the fact that I’ve yet to complete my 2013 Western Challenge, I’m already looking forward to the movies I should watch next year. Selecting a genre or category was hard this time around — I definitely considered going back to my beloved horror, and I almost went with Best Picture Winners. However, I decided to ignore my gory fright-fests and all those critically acclaimed films in favor of something new and a little more interesting. Ladies and gents, may I present to you . . .

The 2014 Noir Challenge:

1. Laura
2. Lone Star
3. Kiss Me Deadly
4. Body Heat
5. The Third Man
6. Blood Simple
7. Sunset Boulevard
8. Drive
9. Touch of Evil
10. Devil in a Blue Dress
11. Double Indemnity
12. Murder, My Sweet (Farewell, My Lovely)

As you can see, I’ve picked a selection of classic and neo noir films, all of which I’ve never seen before. I’m sure I’ll take the opportunity to review Brick as well, considering it’s become, like, one of my favorite movies ever. But these are the twelve I have to watch.

Hm. Perhaps I should wear a different fedora for each film viewing? I’m thinking that might be something I need to do.

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