Golden Globe Nominations, 2014

The full list is here, but if you’d like the highlighted edition:

1. Tatiany Maslany gets a nod for Orphan Black!


This is well-earned. I am very pleased.

2. Sadly, Justifed and Game of Thrones were both completely shut out. Again.

3. Lots of Big Deal Shows got shut out this year. Mad Men and Sons of Anarchy failed to receive any love, plus . . . no joke . . . Homeland. Seriously, Homeland, who won last year for Best Lead Actor, Lead Actress, AND Best Series got NOTHING.


I’ll admit to being slightly amused by this. Which is totally unfair because I haven’t even seen the show. Still. Revolution! Who will be our new King of Television? I figure it’ll be Breaking Bad for their final season. (And I will be annoyed if it’s Downton Abbey instead. Look, I’m not saying the show is bad. It’s not bad. I’ll probably give it another try, despite my overall lack of enthusiasm with the third season. But come on, this show? It is not better than Justified OR GoT.)

4. I don’t watch any of the nominated comedies. I’m rooting for Parks & Recreation anyway.

5. I also haven’t seen any of the nominated comedies up for Best Motion Picture, although I’d like to see Her and I’m kind of interested in American Hustle, mostly for Jennifer Lawrence. And for Jeremy Renner’s hair. And Bradley Cooper’s hair.


This right here? This makes me so happy.

6. In the epic showdown between 12 years a Slave and Gravity — sorry, other nominated movies; apparently no one cares about you — I have to pick Gravity because, well, that’s the movie I watched. (I know I need to watch 12 years a Slave, but good God, that sounds heavy. Which, yes, is kind of the point . . . but knowing me, I’m probably going to procrastinate that shit until well after award season, no matter how much I like both Chiwetel Ejiofor and Michael Fassbender.)

As far as Gravity goes, though . . . I know there’s been a lot of criticism of the story’s simplicity, but I still think it’s an excellent film and would love to see it do well here.

7. I have now listened to all the nominated Best Original Songs. (Thanks, Youtube!) I think “Please Mr. Kennedy” is my favorite, and I’ll let argue why it deserves to win. Also, Taylor Swift got nominated for a song featured in a movie I’ve never even heard of.

8. Finally, the Best Supporting Actor/Actress in a Series, Mini-Series, or TV Movie category continues to be ridiculous. I say this every year and will continue saying it until the people who run the Golden Globes realizes they’re idiots. So, probably forever, then.

The Golden Globes are on January 12th, 2014. Pretend to come for the awards all you want. We know you’re really there for the fashion.

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