Coming Soon-Ish: Veronica Mars!

Okay, so I’m not done with the Book Superlatives yet. It’s taking a little longer than anticipated, plus . . . I got kind of distracted. Cause, you know. Veronica Mars!

So, I loved the first season of Veronica Mars. I enjoyed the second season, but I also took some issue with it. Third season was basically a struggle. And then there were no more seasons . . .

. . . but there is a movie.

My basic thoughts on this trailer:

Please let this be good.

Oh, look, Logan’s got himself in trouble again.

Damn, I like Jason Dohring.

I’m not real excited that Veronica’s a hotshot lawyer, but I expect she’ll give that up by the end of the movie when she rediscovers her real passion for PI work and mysteries, blah, blah. I am at least glad her life isn’t in total shambles after college.

Except for the fact that she’s dating Piz, of course. This is unacceptable.

Happy to see the gang’s all here, especially Mac, Keith, and Cliff. (Supposedly, Weevil is in this trailer? I watched it twice. How did I miss him? Maybe it’s too late to be blogging.)

Will there be other surprise cameos? Will Duncan come back? (Please say no.)

I’m looking forward to trying this out. I doubt I’ll be able to see it in theater, but I’ll definitely rent it when it’s available on DVD. Yes, Mek, you have to watch it too.

But seriously. Veronica doesn’t have to end up with Logan — although that’s obviously what I want — but she cannot end up with Piz. UNACCEPTABLE.

4 thoughts on “Coming Soon-Ish: Veronica Mars!


    Second: Totally agree about the seasons. No matter what issues I took, though, I couldn’t stop watching. Kind of like The Killing.

    Third: I did not see Weevil. WTF. Need Weevil!

  2. Veronica Mars as a lawyer doesn’t make any sense. It’s right up there with To Riverdale and Back Again when they made Jughead a psychologist.

    • I don’t think it’s all that weird — I mean, it’s not like she went from private detective to zoologist or hairdresser or something — but I figure we’ll get a little VO in the movie about why she switched gears.

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