Okay, sorry. I kind of regressed from Professional Writer into Screaming Teenager there for a minute, but I’m excited. As I’ve mentioned before, my short story, “We Share the Dark” is scheduled to come out later this month in Shock Totem, and this morning they revealed Issue # 8’s cover art on their website. And people, it is creepy and GORGEOUS.

Also . . . and this is a silly thing to nerd out about, but it’s never happened before, so . . . my name is on the cover. I mean, a lot of names are on the cover, but still. MY NAME. RIGHT THERE.

. . . I may be making squee-like dolphin noises right now.

(Look, I never said I was going to be totally dignified about this kind of stuff, all right? Dolphin noises and happy dances, people. That’s what’s happening today.)

8 thoughts on “OMFG! This is AWESOME!

  1. That’s great. Just another small step towards world domination via literary talent, which I can only assume is your ultimate goal here.

    • Oh, absolutely. First step, horror stories, next step, Carlie World — where I am constantly served chocolate by half-dressed, attractive men, and people fight to the death in Thunderdomes for my personal amusement.

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