In Geek News Today: Alfred and . . . Lex Luthor?

Okay, I haven’t really been around all week. I do apologize for that. Mostly, I’ve been working on line edits for a story I, sadly, can’t talk about yet. Or I’ve been working on the prologue for my novel. Or playing Duolingo on my phone. (Cause yeah. Kind of obsessed with Duolingo right now. I will totally master Spanish this way!)

But enough of that because there is casting news to discuss! Casting news that you’re all probably aware of because, really, there are some disadvantages to waking up in the afternoon. For those of you who don’t bother with social media, Zack Snyder has cast his Alfred Pennyworth —

— and his Lex Luthor —

I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this.

Actually, I don’t really have any particular problem with Jeremy Irons as Lex Luthor. Cause I like Jeremy Irons, and it’s been ages since he’s done a movie I’ve been interested in. (And yes, okay, I could have posted a clip to any of the many live-action movies he’s been in, but . . . you know . . . SCAR.) A lot of people are having trouble imagining him in the role, but I think I’ve seen Alfred portrayed in so many different lights now that I can see Irons going a couple of different ways and being okay with it. Although, I admit, I would love to see this particular level of snark.

Jesse Eisenberg — and not Woody Harrelson — is a bit of an odder choice.

I’m not having a panic attack about it or anything. I’m trying not to do that so much after seeing the internet shitstorm that went down after Ben Affleck was cast as Batman. But it’s definitely . . . different. Obviously the most important question is this: will Jesse Eisenberg shave his head, wear a bald cap, or . . . not be bald? THE BLASPHEMY.

I suspect I’m struggling with this particular casting more after recently watching four seasons of Justice League, where none other than Clancy Motherfucking Brown voiced Lex Luthor. I don’t necessarily see Lex as a hugely physically intimidating guy, but when you’re used to a man who sounds like this, Jesse Eisenberg’s typical shriek is a little hard to take seriously. But I do like the actor, and you know. They call it acting for a reason, so I still plan to give this movie an honest try.

I’m afraid if you’re looking for indignant rage, you’ll have to look elsewhere. I’m fresh out of apoplectic anger. Also, Oreos. Dammit. But don’t worry: on the internet, apoplectic rage is never too hard to find.

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