Academy Awards, 2014

Honestly, the Oscars were pretty boring this year. But let’s talk a little about them, anyway.

1. There were basically no surprises of any kind. If you participate in any kind of Oscar pool, I suspect it mostly came down to guessing about the movies you’ve never heard of in categories like Best Documentary Short. Otherwise, everyone who you expected to win probably did, even in the Best Supporting categories, which is where award ceremonies typically like to throw curveballs.

I’m starting to wish the Oscars began the award season instead of closing it out. I get why that’s not the case, but by the time the Golden Globes and the SAGs and the DGAs and the BAFTAs and every other ceremony are over, it’s not hard to guess who’s going to win the “big” awards, or at least have narrowed each race to, at most, two possibilities.

2. I’m also beginning to wish we got rid of the host altogether, or at least severely limited the role.

The thing is, I normally like Ellen. I don’t watch her show on a regular basis — please, I use daylight hours for sleeping — but if she’s interviewing a guest star I like, I enjoy watching those interviews on Youtube. They always seem fresh and easy-going and funny, so I had some hope for her hosting here. But it . . . didn’t seem to go well. Which is to say, it went long. So. LONG.

I don’t actually need all my comedy to be sharp and edgy, but I do want, you know, funny. And while I laughed a few times during the ceremony — I did like the gigantic, Twitter-killing selfie — mostly I just cringed at all the random/awkward stuff. Like, the pizza bit. Oh, the pizza bit. That went on forever.

Amy Poehler and Tina Fey continue to be my favorite award show hosts ever, but since I know they probably can’t host evershow . . . maybe Key and Peele, 2015?

3. Perhaps “Let it Go” will strike a chord in me when I actually see Frozen and have some context for the song, but as is, my reaction continues to be *shrug*. I’m not saying Idina Menzel — or Adele Dazim, apparently — isn’t hugely talented because of course she is. But from the way my Facebook exploded last night, you’d have thought God just walked up on stage and started singing, I don’t know, “Amazing Grace” or something, and for me “Let it Go” just sounds like another typical Disney ballad. It’s not bad; I just don’t really care. (More than I care about U2, though. I can’t even pretend to get it — that song is so BORING. Rock stars, my ass.)

I knew she didn’t have a shot in hell, but personally, I was pulling for Karen O. I think “The Moon Song” is lovely, and I really enjoyed the simplicity of the performance.

4. Per usual, I can’t comment on who should have won this or who shouldn’t have won that because I haven’t seen the majority of the nominated films yet. In fact, I’ve only seen Gravity so far. While I’m sad that Sandra Bullock wasn’t a bigger contender in the race — it was basically Cate Blanchett all the way, with a small possibility that Amy Adams could upset — I am happy that Gravity won all the technical awards because, you know. OF COURSE THEY DID.

About Cate Blanchett’s acceptance speech — I was of two minds about it. I really liked the part about women and women-led stories making money, but . . . did anyone else feel uncomfortable when she thanked Woody Allen? Cause I kind of did.

5. Finally, let’s just get to the good stuff, shall we?

Best Dressed Nominees: Kate Hudson, Kerry Washington, Naomi Watts, Lupita Nyong’o

WINNER: Kate Hudson . . . but Kerry Washington was awfully close

Worst Dressed Nominees: Elsa Pataky, Sally Hawkins, Julie DelpyAngelina Jolie

WINNER: Angelina Jolie

That’s all for this year. Hopefully next year’s ceremony will be more interesting or, at the very least, shorter.

2 thoughts on “Academy Awards, 2014

  1. Sally Hawkins, it’s okay! I still love you!

    I’d give best dressed to Lupita Nyong’o, but I know nothing about fashion, so I think it’s really just because light blue is my favourite colour.

    I half watched this with my grandma, who kept complaining about everyone’s clothes being too tight. It was kind of entertaining.

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